Please my Daughter needs a reading

  • Please someone can you do a reading for my daughter her birthday is 09/23/94. She has had so much personal stress in her life that she barely wants to go to school. The two people causing this stress have birth dates of 08/18/92 and 02/16/93. Please help her find resolution.

  • Your daughter: she is sensitive and quite attracted by aesthetic and refined externals. She will from time to time be confronted by the fluctuations of life and forced to go beneath the surface of both her circumstances and her own personality in an effort to develop greater and deeper understanding. There is a danger she may withdraw from the world in an attempt to flee reality, and she must realize that isolation and escapism (perhaps even substance abuse) are not the same things as true introspection and honest self-evaluation. However, if she can keep her ideals and her sensuousness under control, while at the same time exalting her love of beauty in her search for spiritual understanding, she will have quite a comfortable material existence whose true function is to enable her to see that real beauty lies beneath the skin and is not wrapped up with external appearances or material resources at all. She can be very self-critical when comparing herself to others. She feels that if she had more money or looks, she would be able to 'keep up with the Joneses'. But money and possessions will never help her to feel good about herself or able to relate to others or to really 'live'. She can never have enough 'stuff' to feel comfortable making the changes that will add vitality to her life. At some point she has to let go of self-concern and put her full power into bonding with other people and experiencing life in the real world. By opening herself to all that resides within her, not with fear but with love and reserving all judgment, she will lose the stress and pain that is plaguing her.

    Your daughter and the person 08/18/92: These two love to delve into the personal sides of each other's natures. They like to explore the hidden areas of their characters in private but probably relate well socially too. There is a lot of deep feeling here but this dominating and sometimes aggressive person can bring your daughter down due to their tendency towards depression, lack of empathy and compassion for others' feelings, and selfishness. This person may have an obsession with being freed from the conventional roles people are always trying to assign to them, of being pigeon-holed, and can disappear from family and friends frequently to become very antisocial or else to throw themselves into the midst of their legion of adoring fans. They love being in love and can be convinced that each new partner is 'the one', so fidelity is not their forte. This relationship demands serious attitudes that can lead to understanding and personal growth, but also to stress and anxiety. This pair should be careful not to shut other people out of their lives and to lighten up and have some fun sometimes.

    Your daughter and the person 02/16/93: this relationship is a highly unusual but not a necessarily stable one. In fact, this pair may have to work consciously toward being more grounded and practical in their outlook and actions if they are to preserve their relationship. The tendency towards instability can increase in proportion to idiosyncrasy. These two share visionary ideas with each other - it is a relationship more dreamlike than either person is accustomed to, and can be loving and caring. The other person has the sensitivity and drive that your daughter needs and she is able to share her aesthetic interests with them. This duo may surround themselves with beautiful objects or spend a lot of time in unspoiled nature. But this can be an unbalanced relationship as it will be difficult for this pair to keep themselves on an even keel emotionally. Trouble can arise when conflicting wishes clash. The need of both of them for companionship may well be satisfied by their relationship, yet their individual desires - those of your daughter for material goods and the other person for more philosophical pursuits - may be at odds. There is a strong likelihood that this other person will stop developing emotionally around the age of sixteen, due to their obsession with love and novelty so they can be an immature influence on your daughter. Daily responsibilities and duties should help to ground them and keep the relationship afloat.

  • WOW! This is truly amazing. You describe may daughter perfectly. We actually have arguments over her not confronting and accepting things for what they are. She also has to always be buying new clothes and things as she feels she never has enough. To the point that she has things she has never worn. She believes she is going to very successful and wealthy some day. She is pretty in her own way, but I know there are women who are 10 times more beautiful than her, but yet when she is a room full of people the males in the room seem to drawn to her before even prettier girls. It's been that way since the day she was born. I tell her it is because she is butterfly and men want to cage and posses her for some reason. But you can't cage a butterfly as it will die.

    As for the 08/18/92 young man you also nailed him and their relationship perfectly. He friends say he is bipolar as one day he is the life of the party and the next he is as mean as you can be. Him and my daughter keep their relationship very private. To the point that he will be sitting right next to her current boyfriend in class and they will be texting each other. It is my daughters idea to keep it that way and he says it works. And he is very dominating and aggressive to her. In fact he just reemed her out yesterday telling her that she is selfish and trust he is harsh and cruel to her when he does this. But she believes she will marry him one day. Maybe you could answer that one for her. She says the first time she met him at school her first impression of him was that he was dorky but charming. Then she said she looked in his eyes and new that she would always be with and always has been. And that they will be wealthy and successful. Possibly famous. Oh and yes he has a string of girls a mile long and he is in love with a new one every week.

    The last young man 02/16/93 is her current boyfriend. And yes is very immature. But he is also very sensitive, kind, gentle and loving to her most of the time. He is into the rasta stuff , pot smoking and calls himself a bhuddist. And what's funny is 08/18/92 told her yesterday that he is surprised that they have lasted 5 months together as she and 02/16/93 are polar opposites!

    And maybe if you can, could you tell if she will truly be with 08/18/92 for the rest of her life in some capacity. She truly believes that she will marry him and have a family with him.

    We both Thank You so much for this reading. It was truly fantastic. We are both truly grateful for this reading. What a gift you have! Bless You!

  • Relstategoddess,

    Whats interesting is that each of the boys have a challenge number that links to your daughters chart.

    That is where the romantic connection is. The bad part is that it is a "challenge" so in order for any of the relationships to flourish, the challenges must be overcome.

    2/16/93 is fated to have romantic issues. The issues of a "rolling stone" type of lifestyle will need to curbed, and responsibilities will need to be met. He is probably popular, due to his risk taking sort of nature. Rebellious type of spirit if you will. She is attracted to it, because in this time frame until she is 35 years of age she will always crave "change", "excitement", and "newness."

    8/18/92 will they get married? Tough to say without examining the whole chart. Though this person has frequent ups and downs, is concerned with financial advancement, and may at times have a distorted sense of reality. Though he is sensitive, and has a intuitive quality to him. He is a fighter, and will probably fight for what he wants and believes in. She is attracted to him due to his challenge number. There is a common bond, an understanding, but at this point they don't do one another justice. They bring out the "insecurities" in one another, and need to work on this. He needs to take responsibility, and not always "point fingers" at who is wrong and who is right.

    Your daughter is fated to have many admirers in this lifetime. She has two very powerful numbers in her chart, and if used positively and constructively she can achieve wealth and fame. She can be raised to extraordinary heights and become very successful, but she must learn self control, discipline, hard work, humility, and to give is better than to receive. The crown of life is waiting for her, just work towards it, it can be hers.

    I hope this helps.

    Create A Great Day!


  • "And maybe if you can, could you tell if she will truly be with 08/18/92 for the rest of her life in some capacity. She truly believes that she will marry him and have a family with him."

    This is what she wants, but it's just a fantasy. This young man will never be pinned down or settle down with one woman for long - he may always be part-drifter. He is just not made for having a normal family life. In a few years, he will be norhing but a dim memory to your daughter as she will move on from him once she starts to see him as he really is and not some romantic fantasy.

  • Thank You again Captain!!! I've told her the same thing just from watching him and his personality. It's funny though the first time I met him I didn't like him, but some how I knew he would always be apart of her life. And that was before she told me about her going to marry him thing. I have thing where I get distinct feelings when I met some people or about situations. And when I'm with them the feeling I get is that he loves her but he can't do it. He knows he can never be what she needs him to be. He will always come home to her in some capacity. He sees her as his peace, his quiet, as his place to hide. He knows she loves him unconditionally. He will never commit to anyone long, he can't. He has to be free. He feels his whole life he has been controlled by his parents. Suffocated. Can't stand it. He needs to go. Sorry if that was rambling but it just comes out of me. So I've told her that if she ever thinks she is going to have a relationship with him she can never chain him and he will cheat on her and she will have to accept that. He can't help it. If he ever has a wife she will be nothing more than shill to present to the public. Image. Now keep in mind she is not sexually active yet and I know this for a fact, but the feeling I've always gotten is she will always be kind of like his mistress even once she is married to someone else. Whoever she is with will have to accept this. And he when comes he will come first to her before anyone else. Sorry again for the rambling on. I must sound crazy!!!! But Thank You again for all your help. It is deeply appreciated.

  • Thank You Markie!!! You have come up with some remarkably accurate info too. It's amazing!! She is the responsible one in the relationship with 02/16/1993. And yes he is popular because he is a little on the wild side. But I don't believe she will stay with him forever. She says she wears the pants in their relationship!!! And you got facets of her 08/18/92 friend completely right. She refers to what goes on between them as calling each other out. Teenage term. I guess that means giving each reality checks about their behaviors. And he is quite the finger pointer. Everything is always her fault. She doesn't let it bother her anymore she just agrees with him. I'm guessing you used numerology by the way you refer to numbers in their chart. Again Markie, Thank you so very much too!!! I hope this all brings her some clarity and peace!!! As she has had no peace for the last year.

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  • I hope you daughter doesn't settle for just being this guy's mistress - she will be so unhappy and her sense of self will be crushed. She has to live for herself and not for this guy who cannot return the sort of love she needs. Otherwise she will always live as his slave, never a free woman. This has happened to her with this guy in other lifetimes (the master/slave thing) and she is still trying to catch him. Don't let the past repeat for her. She needs to build her self-esteem up so that she doesn't need anyone else (or any wealth or possessions) to make her feel good about herself.

  • I totally agree. You know like I said earlier she said when she looked in his eyes she knew that she had always known him and always will. I found that an odd thing for a 15 year girl to say. She was only 15 when she met him.

  • These two have come together to release old bonds forged lifetimes ago, not to strengthen them. They have been dependent on each other for too long and now must face the world as individuals. What she saw in his eyes was the past, not the future. If they repeat the past, they will be compelled to go over old ground and issues without end. Your daughter will become locked into this continuous cycle of him putting her down and crushing her spirit so as to bind him to her by making her think no one else would have her or understand her. It's a very old strategy, one that men have been doing to women since the dawn of time. Yet he will continue to search for new challenges in love and life.

  • Thank You again!!! I just hope that she finds peace with this soon. I'm telling you the two of them have the weirdest bond I've ever seen. Example, last night we are at a stop light and had been talking about all this and how awful he was to her on Tuesday and guess who pulls up right along side of us at that light. This happens to them all the time and it was purely coincedence. It's actually kind of creepy.

  • It's their old pastlife bonds drawing them together - when you have known someone for such a long time, several lifetimes, it's hard to break that connection even if it has been a painful and unhealthy one. It takes a lot of maturity and wisdom to let go of such a strong connection, but it happens when there is a realization that the association has become a harmful one to both parties. She holds him back as much as he holds her back. Love is not about dependency or making someone feel bad just so that you can feel better about yourself.

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