• Hello everyone ,

    I am interested to know what signs you have recieved off your angels , i manily see mine through reacurring numbers on car numberplates and clocks like 11.11 , and multiple sequences like 333, 444, and letters YDU and XS i was also finding coins in my house .

    I would be grateful to hear of others experiences

    Many Blessings Love and Light Loap 🙂

  • 🙂

  • Hey sweetie

    Great topic. Oh where to start, often it either freak out of blue messages, sarcastic or n smack on head messages n gestures. Other times its flash films. Also the occasional push book off shelf table chair.

    Oh wait or is that spirits ways? Hum hhhmmmmmmmm now thats a head scratcher.

    cwb puzzled

  • This morning i was driving my kids to school and had to give way to a car at a roundabout the letters on the plate were YEP this afternoon when i went to pick my kids up i had to give way to another car at the same roundabout again and the words on its plate were YEP as well and it was 2 different cars that i seen , so now im thinking ok what are they trying to tell me should i be careful at the roundabout anyway i asked them if this is an aswer that everythings going to be all right for the future(as i asked them this the other day ) please show me another 2 cars with the same letters on its plates as i was driving home this afternoon i noticed a car that had to give way to me this time at a different intersection and it had the letters YEP . so i cant wait untill 2 m to see if i come across anymore its just hit me that it could have something to do with giving way as thats when ive noticed them any ideas anyone ?

  • Hey CWB,

    Do you make contact with spirits?

  • Little white feathers me dear. Loads of them.


  • Hi Sheelagh,

    Ive asked them for a feather but theyve never given me one do they have to be white or can they be coloured do you know?

  • Hey living yes i do , all the time.

    as for yep have u considered it might b an initial instead of what it read?


  • Hi, LivingonaPrayer

    How do I get in touch with my angels? As a child when in I was in elementry school, I was bullied, one day after school, as usual, this same bully after hitting me, left me alone. I was sad, and started to walk away and I cross the street, this lady dress in white with long blonde hair, put her arms around me and cross with me. She talk to me, but I don't remember what she said. I was told she was an angel helping me cross, you see when crossing I was so sad, my head was looking at the ground and not any where else, I felt so alone, this bully had been hitting me for awhile and I was so scare. It felt so good to be around this lady, when I look back she wasn't there. I never got to say thank you, ...someone told me it was an angel.....I wish I could feel or contact my angels....I know they hear me....but I don't hear them. How I wish I can hear them. Why is it I can feel the presence of a ghost and not of an angel?

  • Hey Livingonaprayer, good thread, i was thinking about this also the other day, but I would love to ask about signs, and things, just i'm not very good at speaking out loud with those kind of things,and asking out loud for signs, Though I am definitely interesting, and do keep my eye's open, sometimes. when I am out. I guess you'd get any colour kind of feather huh, doesn't have to be white ones. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Its very interesting. I don't talk out loud, so i don't really understand how this works. So i am grateful for you sharing this Idea.

    Hey you never know Missbeth may pop in and say something, Love Bee Xx


    My angels talk to me by putting things, usually papers, where I can find them when I need to find them. It's happened quite often, recently it was a paper my son wrote in middle school about violence and it helped me realize the things he was dealing with was stuff not addressed before. I have NO idea how that paper got in my to-do pile. Sometimes I pick up a stack of stuff on my desk & something will fall on the floor & has some sort of meaning.

    One time I was struggling about trusting a certain person, the next time I saw them they complimented my sunglasses & I thought to myself "they can't be all that bad to go out of their way to be nice" then I sat the glasses down on the counter and one of the arms fell off, the screws were there as well. I looked up to the sky and said "OK I'm listening, I won't trust her".

    I also have recently discovered they have been talking to me through songs (a new friend helped me with this - hehe). We went to a baseball game this weekend and they play 3 BON JOVI songs! I was singing along and my family thought I'd lost it - besides I'm a horrible singer. I told them I was talking back to a friend, I explained later I was talking about my new friend Living On A Prayer. I told them about asking their angels for a message via IPod shuffle, they loved it! My daughter said she's going to do this every moring.

    My Angel sent song of the day: Mason Dixon is on the line by: Jerry Jeff Walker. It's a holiday songs & the first line is "I'm gonna make it home by Christmas". I have NO idea what the message is but it's there somewhere.

  • OMG - I don't believe this - I get little white feathers all the time! And in the weirdest of places, when I am least expecting but most needing. Sometimes I am just sitting there and they float down and settle on me; sometimes I see them floating up, vertically. Often, they are just....there. For example, I got up the other morning and saw one in the middle of my lounge. From where? I always connect them to my Mum, who has passed over, but they are there. I also have instances of being caught in a snowstorm of light feathery pollen, either in the UK or elsewhere and again, at the most places. I have looked round for where the snowstorm could have come from, but to no avail. I am comforted when I see it, that my Mum is around me. And wherever they DO come from, the bottom line is that they give me comfort. A medium friend also told me she saw one of those glass containers, when she thought of me the other day...you know, the one with the buildings in, with water, and you shake them and there is a snowstorm.......If it is Angels, beautiful. If not, as I say, it comforts me. Bottom line. Love and light.

  • Spanish Rose ,

    I strongly feel that this lady was your gaurdian angel protecting you ,im sorry to hear of the bullying you went through i have heard of several stories like this before the way ive been trying to commincate with them is by talking to them out loud . On sunday i asked them to send me 5 things during the week that are associated with purple roses as i felt cheeky asking them to send me 5 bunches ,purple is my favourite colour and roses are my favourite flower so il keep you posted if i get any . Thankyou for sharing your story

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Hey CWB,

    I dont know anyone with those initals so im assuming it means yes but i will keep an open mind . I dont even know anyone in spirit who has those initials either, and i didnt see any on my way to school this mmoring i will keep you posted .

    Thanks for the suggestion

    Love and Light LOap:)

  • Hi Bee,

    You dont have to talk out loud just think what you want them to know as our thoughts are powerful yes i would love it if Miss Beth joined us here it would be great to hear her insight on this. Iive just finished reading a book called signs from above by Doreen and Charles Virtue try to get a copy if you can its great reading and normally i can never find time to read books with the kids and all its amazing i got through this one from start to finish .

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Great thread Loap,

    I'mlike Kookish, I get songs, they just pop up in my head. All of a sudden I will notice I have a song in my head and then realize the words hold the answer. Must be the easiest way for them to get me to listen. LOL

    I also get the papers and emails like Kookish.

    One time I was worried about how my son was being treated in daycare and wasn't sure whether I was just letting my imagination get away from me or whether it was intuition. I no more than finished the thought and I got an e-mail from someone. It was one of those heart warming stories that get passed around but the end of this story was about how the mother turned around at the end regardless of the experts opinions and listened to her own intuition and she was right.

    I immediately told my boss I had to go pick up my son and would be back after I got him settled with my sister. Went to the daycare and found him laying alone (for the nap) far away from anyother students shivering with no blanket (eventhough he has one there) They made up a story about why they took it away from him but I knew they were punishing him in an inoppropriate manner inconsistant with their guidlines. I had a discussion with the teacher the day before and they were taking it out on him. I had just known it. Weird


  • Hey kookish ,

    Wow you have really connected with your angels thats a great story about the baseball game and yes about not trusting the person wow they were trying to get their point across to you straight away there was no mucking around with them over that thats amazing . and leaving the paper on your desk wow you have all sorts of things happening around you . Ive done the ipod shuffle and asked them for a sign through the next song that is about to play and it is Blame it in the boogie the jacksons any ideas ? Lol maybe they want me to dance more .

    Many Blessings 2 u Loap:)

  • Hi The polyglot,

    Your story s fascinating try and get a hold of Doreen and Charles Virtues book signs from above if its feathers i can be from both your Mum and the angels together but like you said it doesnt matter who they are coming form they are a comfort wow you are so lucky and to get them inside your house thats amazing .I used to love those snowglobes as a kid i would shake and look at them for hours on end .

    Many Blessings Loap:)

  • Hi Ibelieve ,

    Im sorry to hear of what your son went through you did the right thing , i think intuition is the best tool we have i left my daughter at a birthday and i think the mother thought i was being to overprotective but i dont care this is my child that im leaving in her care i left her my phone numbers both moblile and landline and gave my daughter my moblie phone(as i had my hubbys) i followed my intuition i didnt get any bad vibes off the mother or bad energie radiatiingfrom the house or anything like that . anyway on the way home i kept seeing sequence numbers on numberplates everywhere so i knew they were telling me that she would be alright .

    Many Blessings Loap:)

  • Oh this sets me in think mode n my brain is not that awake yet. Will return with more lol


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