Virgo man?

  • i had been friends and slept with a virgo man three years ago, we met again this past week, he took me to lunch, then i went to an event with him and his friends that friday we went back to his house, slept together and then again on saturday night, friday night he was very affectionate and told me that he really enjoyed me hanging out with him and his friends and enjoyed my company and that i made him smile alot (he was drinking as well) and then he told me on saturday morning that he liked me and then invited me back over on saturday night. he appologized for the way he had behaved 3 years ago (not as gentlemanly). and after i left his apartment on sunday morning, i have not heard from him since. what now? does he actually have feelings for me? or does he just like me as a friend to sleep with? TELL ME.

  • I think it's pretty obvious - he just wants sex and no deeper involvement.

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