Love reading please?

  • Hi there

    I'd be so appreciative it if someone would be kind enough to try and interpret my complicated love life. Basically I became involved with a man around a year and a half ago (dob 2/aug/78) who i fell in love with, we parted ways although he still tries to reach out but I not willing to get involved with him anymore due to the way i felt he treated me. I've recently met someone else who I'm hoping something might blossom with (dob 11/jan/86). My questions surrounding the first man are, Will he continue to try to come back into my life? Since the last time I rejected him he is certainly much colder to me that he was before - do you think there's any hope between us or should I close this chapter and move on? How does he feel about me? 2. Do you see anything romantic on the horizon with the second man I've recently become acquainted with?

    do you need my d.o.b.?

    Thank you so so much.

  • i noticed on some other threads that most people included their own d.o.b. mine is sept/26/79. thanks 🙂

  • bump 🙂

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