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  • Hi, I'm knew at this so I want to see how other people read these cards to see if I'm reading them right. the question asked was "What will happen between my daughter and her ex boyfriend next?" I drew 9 cards no special spread I layed them out in 3 rows of 3. My daughter is a Libra her ex is a Leo and her current boyfriend is an Aquarius here we go:

    1st card: Page of Cups

    2nd card: 3 of cups reversed

    3rd card: strength

    4th card: justice

    5th card: moon reversed

    6th card: Queen of Swords reversed

    7th card: the 8 of wands

    8th card: Knight of Swords reversed

    9th card: The Pope or Hierophant

    I want to see if anyone comes up with similar reading to mine. Thanks!!!

  • Energies change so no tarot reading is ever set in stone. The layout down in objectivity says;to ground beliefs, boundaries and values for self. Justice is a higher power force that is emotionless in order to restore balance and order. To give the cocequenses that are deserved based of the cause to restore equilibrium. Logic and common sense being applied to the situation.

  • Thank You for your input. Much Appreciated. If I'm understanding you right you are saying she needs to get focused on what she believes and what her values are. She has very high values. I personally associate the Justice card with her as she is a Libra , the strength card with her ex as he is a Leo and the page of cups with her current boyfriend. I guess what we are trying to get to is what are the consequences and what will restore balance to her life. She has very mixed emotions over all this.

  • Consequences balance the do not need tarot for that is practical and logic. What were here actions? I am a psych scholor and knoiw much about articulation...and tarot confuses people alot more and blinds them often from the carefull with it.

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