Captain-In Need of Guidance Before Miami

  • Well Captain as you learned a good while ago that I was planning on going to film school in Miami this coming July. I was planning for it for quite some time and took a bit more of a precaution than I did this time when it came to planning on going out of state for school. I recently saw my financial aid projection my advisor showed me and for the most part things are covered and financed by loans and grants. The only thing is, even though the housing is charged by tuition every quarter they bill me monthly $1100! She said I could take out a private loan to cover my monthly cost but I wasnt planning on doing that because I barely have any credit and I more than likely cannot find a co signer good enough to get me approved. So getting approve on my own seems nearly impossible or they will charge me a high interest rate. Either way Im not planning on that but I will try! Ive always had a feeling I was going away this summer and still do but this is a little discouraging and causing me to worry a little bit.

    My saving grace is I can get more money because they consider me an independent student since my mother barely makes any money (she is now unemployed) but its just the private loan issue. I had a few more ideas in my head and was going to dicuss this with my financial advisor this week (I still have time lol)-Ive considered discussing the Perkins Loan, the Academic Competetiveness Grant and the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant and any other option available just in case the Private Loan doesnt follow through.

    Im curious to know your insight to this situation, do you see anything as of yet (I hope I get to go this summer as I planned)?

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  • Is there alternative cheaper housing available to you, such as sharing a place with a group of fellow students?

  • I dont know I haven't checked yet should I ask the school about that?

  • Yes - try to find more reasonably priced housing to fit your budget.

  • Is everything looking ok for me so far though?

  • You know it is. Why do you doubt?

  • I gave you all the knowledge you can use to find cheaper housing on your request to my thread asking the same thing. I gave yo ideas that I have used and they work along with others. You do know you have been givin advice on this issue. You have to get over knowing the answers to your future and realize you ceate it.

  • You have to help your self. Get motivated; go look and research outside a narrow box. "Is everything looking ok" really? Ask yourself have you applied your self? That is your answer. We must be confident in our choices....these challenges are what gets us confidence and growth.

  • You are both right! I absolutely need to remember that I am destined to create my own future. I think m just nervous because this issue just came about when my dreams are so close to coming true but I will keep pressing on nonetheless. Thank you so much rapunzle444 and Captain! 🙂

  • Asia, don't give up until you have achieved everything you want. Winners are not people who never lose, but who keep getting up every time they are beaten down and push on. They do not quit until they have reached their goal.

  • Understood Captain lol I will keep pressing on though, I will make and effort to stop anticipating trouble or disappointment, Ive done that for as long as I can remember but I will definetly try to stop that. Thanks Captain 🙂

  • Hey Captian I just wanted to know if my ex is ever going to accept my friend request Ive heard yes bur I sent it on mothers day I believe I don't know if he's seen it yet because when I saw his facebook (don't see it alot) his last post was in April so Im not sure if he hantavirus seen it or not. Will he accept it?

  • Does it really matter so much to you if he does or doesn't? How would it affect your life if he doesn't? It's like you can't feel good about yourself unless he 'friends' you. This is deeper issue for you that it may seem. Your ex was always your substitute father figure so you are looking for acceptance rather than rejection from him to make up for your father's desertion. You need to heal this issue with your father before you can find a 'normal' relationship with anyone.

  • I see your right Captain. I know I don't need him And I don't even know hy I still care about an apology. I'm not saying this concern is taking over my lifebut Im so botheredbecause I see how much fear of abandonemnt has affected me as well as my fathers abuse. I'm trying to do so much on my own especially the consuelling and healing but it seems as if it is not working completely. I've made progress but Im sure there is more. I don't know how to completely heal from what my father did and Im trying my vest to see the posistive through all these stressful events in my lifeespecially since I have no one but me at me moment I have alot to deal with. Ad to make things worse my mom is letting my father stay with us again and things are not so great and to be quite honest it's hurting me.

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