• certainly want it to be quick, dyl wants the chavs to be wiped out to leave the world for nice people, but I suspect this world might be what the early christians might have referred to as Purgatory because if Heaven is all lovely stuff, and Hell is well....nasty, then if Purgatory is in between where will all the too bad for heaven, and too good for hell people go, if the world ends ?

  • Hey Guys now the bloke who predicited it was going to end on May 21st is saying its now going to happen on the 21st of october

    ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN na the song is playing on my ipod as im typing this lol.

  • I thought it was 24th dec 2012.....

  • Well Chrissi if theres one thing we can learn from this it is to not go christmas shoping next year lol.

  • well chrissicat I will be the one stuck here in purgatory as you call it. I will be the one who has to pick up the crap left behind lol!!! kinda like it is now ha! you know how moms always pick up after the kids

    prince's party like its 1999 was on just a few minutes ago

  • I love that song

    Yeah, they say two thousand zero zero party over Oops out of time

    So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999 !

  • sounds like a great idea

  • I just found out the date the world ends is....6/6/2013=6/6/6=sh1t that's exactly 2 years from now !

    Omeeeeeeennnn!!! Or this will be the antikryst d.o.b ? Hmmmmm let's party like 1999 anyway !

  • Brings in the Japanese nurses for Seehorse, Bon Jovi for Mags and a boat load of rum for CWB


  • lol

  • 🙂

  • Not sure why this thread caught my attention but - isn't the fact of the matter that the world will most certainly end, for each and every one of us? Death is a certainty. Does it matter if we all go out together or one by one? When your day comes will it matter one way or the other what remains after you are gone from this place? The "end of the world" could be today for any one of us. Should we be planning every single day for "the end of the world" then, as we don't know when our individual day is coming. As the saying goes, "live every moment as if it were your last". 🐵 Have a great day everyone!

  • I think what really matters it's not when or if the world will end but if our spirits are ready to meet the Creator and what we have to tell about our actions in this life. Some time ago i stumbled upon this and i'm glad i copied it so i can share it now. I think it's wonderful :

    "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me". ~Erma Bombeck"

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