• Hi all Glad to still be here . I was thinking before how upset i would have been about paying $350 worth of bills the other day , and doing the housework today thought i better feed us all before 6 pm incase its our last supper together .but he we are in the southern hemisphere alive and welll so dont fret folks .

    In the words of bon jovi Have a nice day 😉

    Sending love and light 2 all Mags xxx

  • Haha i'm gonna say it again the end of this world will happen 2 BILLION YEARS in the future when the Sun depletes it's nuclear fuel become a red giant engulf our planet da end. Now OUR civilization (lol) may destroy itself a lot sooner and that's our obligation, to gather our forces to prevent that from happening. I believe this world's purpose is to provide human souls with challenges to overcome, with lessons to be taught so our souls can evolve. The end didn't happen in 1999 as many prophecies predicted (and many books sold, many people made a buck) it won't happen in 2012, there are too many lost souls to find their way yet. But we can make an effort to make it a better place anyway we can. After all it is our choices and actions that define who we really are.

  • Hey Mags,

    Glad to see you made it. LOL

    Daughter awoke hoping there'd be zombies outside so she could call out of work. What a day it's going to be.

    Take good care.

  • Hey Rc,

    I hope all is well forgot all about it its only that i was in the post office and overheard a lady next me talking about it i thought about you and your daughter . Hopefully we can catch up on chat soon .

    Take care lots of love and hugs Magsxx

  • Hey Seehorse ,

    Nice to meet you yes i totally agree and dont forget about t the 5 -5- 2000 when all the planets went into alighnment and they thought it was going to make the world turn on its axis . I really dont feel it will happen in our lifetime .

    Love and light Loap 🙂

  • Nice to meet you too LOAP ! You know, i refuse to live my life in fear. Fear of the end, the financial crisis, crime, pollution the future. etc etc. I'm going to die one day it's inevitable so why worry so much about it. If it's going to happen so be it. Why spoil all my remaining days worrying? Well, that doesn't mean of course i must laugh all the time and forget my obligations towards me and my family. It's just that we must let Light fill our hearts some minutes every day. We all tend to concentrate our thoughts on the bad aspects of life forgetting everything we are blessed to have. i felt "disconnected" yesterday morning, didn't really want to go to waor (who does lol) felt tired, fed up, negative, thinking why isn't there an angel to talk to me, guide me etc. I wasn't paying attention to a bird singing. Not until it started singin louder and louder and for a second i felt like my subconsious or something TRANSLATED the bird's song. Ant it said "What do you need Angels for, aren't my other GIFTS good enough for you? Hear the birds, breathe the air go to work and feel grateful you're not unemployed. And feel grateful for the sunrise someone else won't see it"

    Love and Light, every Day !!

  • glad to see ya'll are still here lol and what is up with zombies? my son was asking the same thing

  • Supposedly on judgement day the living and the dead would be judged and so they are expected to emerge from their many graves. Sounds like a good horror flick to me.

  • Hi Seehorse,

    I used to worry sick about about these things asteroids wiping out the earth nostradumas i remember in 1992 they said it was coming to an end at 2 am the trumpets will be playing and the heavens will open up then in 99 and 2000 now im am so over it im not afriad of dying im just afraid of leaving my kids behind and now i think well if its the end let us all go together so no one gets left behind . Ask your angels to send you signs they are always with us they are just waiting for us to ask them for help.

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • I never heard anthing of zombies either RC but thats not to say there arnt plenty of them out there already . lol

  • Sod that. I want a Zombpocalypse! If only to meet a cute blonde like the one in The Walking Dead 😉

  • See earthlings another mind now tuned to Ozzon the great. Soon all your brains will belong to me..

    Zombpocalypse roflmao

  • lmao i want one that looks like jonbonjovi in vampires los murtos lol

  • rotfl Seehorse i want them to be like in michael jacksons thriller dancing around celebrating

    he he hoo

  • certainly LOAP why not, PH's cute blond would be fine too personally i'd like a japanese zombie heifer...dressed as a nurse...i so like nurses...i better stop now i'm stepping out of line lol

  • lol, he he he he he why not its the end and we shall have whatever we wish for .

  • Ya'll are disturbed, I was very much referring to the cute blonde BEFORE she got bitten/killed. Of course had I been there, I would have used my awesome psychic abilities to predict what would happen next and saved her hot... behind 😉

  • Well if i couldnt have Jon bon jovi i would then like Hugh Jackman asa wolverine zombie lol

  • PH, think again: a zombie woman doesn't nag, never have headaches, doesn't want gifts, you don't have to remember bithdates, anniversaries and she doesn't think. At all. Just some brains and she's a happy puppy. Not bad huh?

  • lmao seehorse what a brainless dimwit she is . they wouldnt think twice about ivanka trump now theres a girl who has it all beauty and brains and nice hair not like her fathers .

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