Answers needed, who can you trust

  • I need some answers to a question, i have been talking to psychics on line now for about a year, some seems real and some are not, but what bothers me most is that some of them say to you they know what is the problem and that they can help you, then when you pay them the money thinking that things will change they do not. Then they want you to pay more money for the same problem, i think that this is not fair to the client.. I know they are not god only he can correct the impossible, but at least be honest to the client. What is your say on this?

  • You may already know the answer yourself, you just haven't been brave enough to admit it too yourself or you do not want to face the perceived consequences. Why pay for something you already know.

  • Hi


    I have only used one physic I called at California Psychic I think she stunk. My roomie picked her and she would not have been my choice.

    I have never used one again.

    Our you having Tarot cards read or something?

    Well, I do not know where you live. But, if you were here in Las Vegas I would say I know I'm genuine and I also recommend. Lady Morgana at Bells Books and Candles. She is very good. You know there are a lot of sharks out there who will feed on peoples needs. It's wrong. So, you have to learn to discern WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT YOU. Its hard but you will recognize who is honesty and who is pulling stuff from there buttocks.

    As a person I have been told many times, I'm gifted. but I don't walk on water. You'll usually know if there not genuine, because they'll be so off base. The one who is genuine will tell you something they know nothing about, but are compelled to you right away. And you'll understand the message even if the psychic does not, because the message was meant for you and a purpose.

    Does that make sense to you?

    Peace and Unity

  • A few signs on who not to trust:

    1. Don't pay for "phone psychics" even if they are genuine they work for a company that is out only to make money off you. Better to avoid them.

    2. Don't pay anyone who promises you they can change your life, fix your problems, make you rich, etc. No one can do those things for you and no psychic can give you the ability to do so.

    3. Don't trust anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable. If you don't like them as a person or they feel "off" to you then don't follow through with them.

    4. Accuracy is also a good test. If they aren't even close to being right then chances are you shouldn't see them.

    If you go to psychics you can meet in person then you'll be able to judge them better and I'm sure they can give you a better reading if they meet you face to face (at least the first time). Maybe try a psychic fair where you can feel out a bunch of people at once...

  • Hi -

    Don't ever, ever call the hot line "psychics" it is all lies. They are depending on the desperation of your situation to collect their money. DON'T call them. If you want an answer to something maybe go to a tarot reader. I don't know if I am allowed to suggest readers or not but Valeen at Mirror Tarot is a good one. I have been contacting her for three years. Her readings are cheap and very sincere. She does not charge insane prices because she cares about your sanity.

    If you have been searching for a year for an answer, maybe the search has been going on so long because you are looking to hear a specific answer, the answer you want to hear. The problem with multiple readers and/or psychics is that they often give you terribly conflicting some point you are going to have to arrive at an answer that you have wholeheartedly thought about using your intuition, logic and have weighed all the pros and cons.

    Best of luck to you.

  • Thanks for your comment, what you are saying is really true.

  • thank you

  • Outsmarted - I tried California Psychics and I have read with one individual -Rachel. she has been spot on and her timelimnes have all been accurate. Everything she has told me over the past couple of months has happened. I had a great connection with her - you might too. I do recommend psychic fairs as well - that way you will know if you have a connection with the psychic or not. Also - remember that free will is a gift - if your issue has not passed then maybe you need to step away from it for awhile adn let the universe work the situation out for you.

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