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  • Hi. I have been through a major upheaval which is complicated! I have had 3 readings, the first one by accident because I wasn't aware I had booked a reading - I thought I was going to a medium! All of the readings have said the same thing, but this goes completely and utterly against the grain of what I believe to be happening and what I believe to be the case. I have no way at all of checking for sure, but I have some outward indication which is telling me (along with what I would expect to be the case) the complete opposite to the Tarot. I am so confused. Can anyone give any guidance? I have been back 3 times, as I say, and it's the same every time, but getting worse for a certain individual. Thoughts from anyone more experienced than I with Tarot would be appreciated!

  • First of all I would say to trust whatever information you have been given. It may not make sense to you, but you have been given this information for a reason. Secondly I would like to stress that you should always trust your instinct.

    I've been in a similar situation, I've been told something will happen that I just did not want to come true. It has frightened me actually. Since then I have come to realise that if this is not what I want, then I don't have to receive it. As a result it has helped me to determine what I do want. Of course, there is still a possibility that was was predicted will still come true, but I am no longer afraid of it.

    Do you follow me?

    Think of readings as guidance. Even though they "predict" what will happen, you (and others) have free will which can affect the actual outcome. A Doctor might tell a person that if they don't stop eating junk food, then they will die of heart disease. A valid "prediction" right?

    But if that person changes their ways, starts eating healthier, then that "prediction" may never come true. And yet that doesn't detract from the accuracy of the original prediction.

    Again, the information you received has been provided for a reason. Keep an open mind and that reason will become clearer to you.

    Love & light,


  • Thank you, Marc. Your comments have helped. I should add that the situation which happened to me was one which has left me reeling, and the cards are actually telling me what I would want to hear, and I should be pleased by them. I dare not hope that they might be true, which is perhaps why I am insisting on questioning them. For all the world, anyone who looked at my situation would think that the opposite of the cards, is happening. Dare I believe, is the real question, I suppose, rather than being afraid of the truth. One thing, though, is that the cards have suggested that someone involved in this situation will be getting their affairs in order. Also, quite separately, that they will need legal advice. Now, that does alarm me, even though I should be gloating. I'm not, because I'm not like that. Love and light to you, too.

  • I totally get where you are coming from thepolyglot. Insights and predictions about my life in the short term future are overwhelmingly good, and I am having a hard time believing in them, or rather hoping that they are true 🙂

    Dare I believe, such an apt statement!

    You are holding true to your values, acting with complete honour, integrity, and impeccability. You can't go wrong when you do that.

  • Thank you for your story is actually on a different post which someone else started but which I contributed to today. It is under the post of 'will he come back'. It explains all that has happened. The subject of the readings was the man involved. The readings said he is in turmoil and depressed. He should be happy. He has made his choice, so that is what he wanted? Ergo why should he be 'stuck in a rut' , 'depressed' and 'in turmoil' ? I hope he is (lol) but essentially don't want anyone to be suffering....

  • Hi Polyglot,

    First, my own "take" on whether or not to believe a reading. Oftentimes, when we resist a reading it can be our ego resisting being told something we don't want to hear. HOWEVER, yes, it can also be your own intuition telling you that the reader may have misinterpreted. A lot of people don't like the so-called "negative" messages of the cards and so they only use the "positive" connotations of them. This can be misleading. All the cards have a shadow side to them and this is not necessarily "negative." Without the dark, there is no light so to speak. I have found that people who only want to see the "good" can oftentimes be living in La-La Land 🙂 We must all learn to embrace both so that we can live our lives fully aware.

    That being said, I did a spread for you myself and you are indeed at a crossroads and learning a life lesson about emotional maturation. I have to say that the near future shows this man staying put with his wife and trying to make it work, however you need to prepare yourself for the possibility of him wanting to "reconnect" while maintaining his status quo at home. Time for you to think about what it is you really want, what you deserve, what he and his wife deserve, etc. The outcome showed you as a single woman, but one who is strong and able to see past confusion and deception.

    On a personal note, sometimes these things happen as a catalyst for something else. Obviously, your marriage was over and maybe you needed this to get out of it. Maybe this other man needed this experience in order to recommit to his wife. The point is to learn from it. The cards did also show that you need to get your mind off of this man and try to move on for now. It showed your thoughts bordering on obsession....



  • Watergirl, thank you. Everything you said, I can take. I have been told through the readings I had done, that this man would in fact come back into my life and try to reconnect. I couldn't see it happening because he has cut me off totally. I was warned via the reading that he wouldn't be back on the terms I wanted and that he would be emotional. I was told that I should think carefully about what I should do when he came back, which he would. I honestly think that he has put his career first, not me, and not his wife. He said when we parted that ending it with me, was the easier option in terms of fallout for his career. Nice man!

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