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  • Well, hello there ! I know you’ve visited this site some times, have visited other sites as well, not really knowing what you’re looking for. Read some posts, wanted to post something yourself but always held back, feeling unsure what to say. I know the feeling : Is this the right thing to say? Will anyone understand? Will I look stupid? Better not….

    No one is insignificant. No good-willed opinion or thought is of no value. No question should be left unanswered. So I opened up this thread for you, as one dear friend of mine did for me not so long ago. And lot of wonderful things happened since then.

    Why am I doing this? Only thing I know is I woke up this morning and this thought of creating this thread came to me out of the blue. I said “yeah right another bright idea lol” and forgot all about it. But the thought came again and again and each time the urge to do it was more intense, like somebody whispered in my ear, the voice getting louder and louder each time: “Do it pal !”

    So, there you have it. It’s weird I know, lots of weird things happen lately ! What to write? Haven’t got the slightest idea, after all it’s YOUR thread lol. Post the first thing that comes to mind, or just a picture it’s up to you my friend !

    Nice to meet you, hope you stick around, many wonderful things happen around here !

    Oh, almost forgot. As I was thinking about this at work ,my eye fell on a label. I googled to find a similar image so here it is :

  • Hello, seehorse, is this for everyone? or a thread for someone else,

    Your title, confused me a little.

    Love and hugs, hope your doing well. Bee Xx

  • Haha Bee, thing is i don't know lol i just had that persistent idea all day like i absolutely HAD to make this thread. I guess it's for the Unknown Reader or something but hey it's for everyone as well !

    btw did you receive my mail? Did it make any sense or plain crapp just curious lol

  • Can you resend it, I do not think i got it.


    you may have sent it accidently wrong, or i may have deleted it in my junk mail accidentily too.

    try again, 🙂 if thats Ok. Good idea for a thread though, some place to call your own. and for others too lol

    Love Bee Xx

  • OK sending it now Bee

  • SH all ill say is:

  • I'm afraid i don't get it roflmao you should ask Myjourney about the double meaning of "SH" don't expect too much of my brain lol

  • Got it Pedro, SeeHorsey, i am replying now 🙂 hope you get it too. LOL


  • SH- She means your name, See Horsey, Just SH.

    lol i think Love Bee Xx

  • Just trying to play with these pictures see if i can get more than 2 LOL.

    Bee Xx

  • Haha i got that Bee must go to bed man it's past midnight already g'night talk tomorrow !

  • Darn guess it didn't work, Uggg. :O) Well maybe next time,

    Love Bee Xx

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks for the remarks LaurieAnn. But you know if i had to choose, i'd prefer the "unreal world of spirit" a million times over the false world authorities, multinationals and religions made for me.

    As for who i you have any clues ? Would love to hear them.....

  • My Avartar in bold living color! Cool.

    Just poped in to say hi.


  • I feel like posting this message here. SH, you know how my mind works, you will get this...

    "In spite of challenges, cling to what is luminous in yourself, in others, and in life itself, never forsaking your belief in what is right. When events seem foreboding, or people seem oppressive, remember the good that has been and is yet to be. Holding to this idea is to cling to the power of the light and love within you. "

  • She could also mean Sh.. Happens. Lovely idea Seehorse, I can feel the compassion and loving feeling that started it.


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