• Hi Captain,

    I have been thinking of you the past few days, a worried feeling of sort, are you OK?

    Love and Light


    aka shatz

  • Me again Captain, if you ever need me you can reach me on F and L, I know others you can reach out to, but I just wanted you to know I'm also here for you...You have been with me from the beginning when i started on Tarot...I will never forget how you have helped me grow ok...

    Namaste Captain


    aka shatz

  • bumpity bump bump

  • Thanks Sheila, I feel stronger than ever, though I have been going through some odd feelings and changes. Sort of feeling like a 'stranger in a strange land' at the moment. Gotta make a big decision about where to live and how to conduct the rest of my life. Wondering if I should move home to Queensland or if that would be a backward step. Should get back to writing again too. I am also thinking of getting more deeply into psychic counselling, maybe starting a website for it. I see a need to help people resolve present issues in order to ensure their future happiness. Basically it's all about people understanding themselves and what makes them tick.

  • I'm glad you are OK, i understand the worry feeling i was getting,but i couldn't put my finger on it until you said "stranger", like i felt you didn't belong..I must take more time to really tap into what I'm feeling.:)

    I really think the psychic counseling is your calling of course, along with your writing.When you mentioned Queensland, A BIG NO!, came..

    love and light Captain



    sending you lots of Angels your way to help with your decisions

  • Thanks Sheila, that's interesting. I am very torn about Queensland so I will see if the Universe provides an alternative.

  • Again, i pray you will get your answers soon Captain, take care...remember you got a friend anytime...:)

    love and light



  • Thank you. 🙂

    And may I ask how you are going on Your Journey?

  • Loaded question, my friend..still with my sag it was 2 years in April...Blinders came off months ago..I remember a long time of Ago your guides responded to me that i was in love with being in love...The fairy tale thinking. I Have been thinking about this for the couple of weeks, and your guides were correct, of course at the time i had MY fingers in my ears

    After my daughters daddy died (Jeff ) i never thought i could love again or find love, it took along time of grief and forgiving,Then Bamm sag came in...i would have been user name shatz then..Then I remember you said to me watch out world shatz is here lol ,something like that hehe..I have grown so much from a child's maturity to finally an adult at 50.Still have those younger thoughts but time is healing.Sag still lives at home, he has made more of a commitment now, and him and my little girl are bonding quite well, not in a father figure way because he cannot ever replace k's daddy but more like a male role model for her...Then I have all these guilty feelings that I have finally, or he has finally wanting to become a family unit but theres that living at home thing, that still bothers me...I am in no hurry now to move in together....and if i really look at the truth and my guides voices he won't leave his families home..I am still an outsider when it comes to his family, being they are Catholic, i have been divorced yes, but they do not know the whys, then having another child who was not with my my x husband but with another man who i had'e been with along time.. Jeff who passed, as given them more to push me out, though they have never said anything to me I feel the tension when i visit. sags family. Dinners don't include Krista and i...So i have excepted that and that was huge for me...So now i pull back on the reins and let SAG lead if he chooses...I have three children and I don't need or want 4 children:) spiritually i feel like I'm at a good place though i can now see the forest through the trees,of course the boulders do get in my way at times but i manage to push hard against them..ok i think i have overstepped my answer to your question and its been such a along time since we have chatted...Maybe spirit has different ideas now, i just don't know...But again thank you, I'm so glad i had you at the beginning of this journey of mine, i will never forget your posts to me Captain and the honesty and compassion you gave to me with your gifts...

    Sorry again for this log post but like I have always told you , you are one person that can get me to think real hard, for that again i thank you....

    Love and light captain

    may you continue to be guided and receive your answers, and if i can do anything that is in my power to help, just call:)



  • No Sheila, I like to hear about your life and how you are doing. You have made a lot of progress from when you first posted.

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