• It's ok LOAp I thinkall us Taurus girls take things personal at times but in this case you didn't need to be too assertive in fact you plaid it smart! Don't let other peoples's negativity get yo you we are all here for you 🙂

  • Thanks Asia ,

    A friend said something hurtful to me about my son yesterday, and i never had a go back at her then i stewed on it all night why do i do this i wish i was confrontational i never say things at the time that they happen i drive myself crazy most times .

  • Why would a Taurus always use the don't judge me card, i don't judge others.. like his protection shield?

  • sometimes loap it is hard to come back with something when some has hurt you or your children. next time (and I hope it does not happen) just ask the person why they said (repeat what they said) in a calm voice I find they usually do not have an answer. years ago when my daughter was in kindergarten her teach had to ask me why her one eye was a little lower> so me & my big mouth I asked why was she fat? and before I would let her answer I also asked why are you studying in class instead of teaching. the only think she said was to further her education & I told her she needs to go back to kindergarten to learn some manners then I reported her to the principal while she was standing there after that there were no further issues & she stopped talking rude to people and she no longer studied in class when she was teaching and my daughter's face even out & she is beautiful. wish I had her hair thick wavy & long

  • shadowmist, are you a taurus?? That sounds like something I would totally do!! LOL.

  • Hi Shadowmist,

    There is one difference there you were quick off the mark i tend to not hear the severity of the words at the time even though i know it was wrong if that makes sense but when the person is out of my space my brain will start ticking over and thats when the stewin comes in . This Friend is always complaining that hurtful words are being said about her child frm other parents i wasso schocked when she said my son needs a god kick up the you know what .I wish i could say what i think like you did there and then when things happen. I find i confront the person the next day or whenever i see them next and its to late then but just because people dont have a go back straight away doesnt mean that they are not upset about whats happend . Good on you for having a go i really need to take a leaf out of your book .

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with me .

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Hi Scully21,

    With me its not so much about judging its about being treated with respect i want to be treated the way i treat others with kindness and consideration yet all i seem to attract is users, people who only want to know you when it suits them i know im to soft and i am a quiet judger so for example if i think that someones kid like what was said to me need a good kick up the you know what , i would never say it to the person and the reasons for that are 1) Its none of my buisness and 2) its hurtful . But at the end of the day it doesnt mater what sign we are we are all judgemental of others .

    Love and lights Loap:)

  • I know a bad trait I have is that I feel the need to fix everything. I and I alone have to Do everything, bc that makes me in control, therefore, I can limit my own inner hurt.

    If I am in charge, then I alone am responsible. However, me being the only one in charge or the doer of all things is not healthy for myself or those involved.

    I do not like to be wrong, yet, I am. I want to create and give the very best of myself, so that my dear ones can have the very best life they can. Often times, I give and give without recieving back OR expecting to receive back. That is an error on my part.

    example - My children are allowed to do a lot. I try to teach them to be respectful, appreciative and hard working. They are, especially to outsiders, but sometimes not so much to me. Well, this is bc I allow it.

    My 13yo daughter, wanted so desperately to go to fireworks the other night. But I was not willing to pick her up as the time would be late and I just did not want to go out. Well, a friend offered to bring her home, but the hour was late. I did not want to take her, but I did. I told her on the way there that she really needed to listen to me and learn this. I will do things for you that I do not want to do. yet I do them, bc I know they matter to you. HOWEVER, when I ask you to do for me ( ie chores, personal responsibility) I expect the same in return.

    Of course in stuck in for the moment. The things I asked her to do when she got home, she did. The next day, the teaching was long forgotten. So, I had to remind her of said teaching again and I will have to do it again tomorrow. Which is just a part of parenting, yet, it bothers me bc I try to make it so easy, yet no one seems to get that........oh well...off to the drawing board again!! lol

  • I understand where you are coming from T7 ,Im trying to teach my kids the value of money , and my son can be a bit of a handful at times he likes to swear and i dont tolerate this so ive told him if i hear you swear you will lose $1 for every word out of yourpocket money he gets $10 at the end of the week if he has done all of his chores that i ask him to do , well he just blew his stack at his little brother and dropped a few choice words now he has lost $3, he wasnt very happy but i said to him rules are rules . He started crying but i have to stick by what i say or he wont take me seriously and this is the part that makes me angry i am always on to my kids for bad behaviour im not one of these mums that lets the kids run wild and i get comments like that thrown at me .

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