• We are kind , considerate , caring stubborn i feel the worse trait we have is we take things to heart to easily, and i dont know about others but i am my own worst enemy always judging myself to harshly feeling that i can never do anything right . would love to hear what other taureans think

    Love and light Loap:)

  • I believe we are loyal, hard working, down to earth and honest. I think the negative traits are that we are very possessive. We feel like friends/family/lovers are our possessions. I definitely judge myself harshly. I can be a bit jealous of others when they have what I want. My joy/happiness can come from things that are tangible. Which is probably why I am possessive.

  • Tauruses are kind, strong willed, loyal affectionate and pretty down to earth overall regardless of any signs they may have in their charts (I ,have a Sagitarrius Rising) but I must admit we can be possesive, jealous and stubborn (I call it persistance lol). Overall Tauruses are pretty awesome people and can be the most loyal, loving best friend or lover you could ever meet. I dont like how I wear my heart on my sleeves (pretty sensitive and can take things to heart) at times and my passion can be overwhelming for some because I put my heart into everything I do and I mean any and everything lol....

  • Do you guys get hurt when you make an effort for people and they dont return the same courtesy? I do and i cant count how many times ive heard my husband say to me not everyone is the same as you, and dont expect them to be but i cant help it i do .

  • I do expect to be treated the way i treat others .

  • Livingonaprayer, that's the story of my life! I expect everyone to think like me b/c of course my way of thinking is the most logical one! So when someone doesn't think the way I expect them to I can tend to get really upset! At one point I had to speak to a therapist b/c i noticed that I was becoming VERY angry at work. My boss does not listen to me when I am being proactive, he prefers to be reactive and "deal with it when it happens". WHO THINKS LIKE THAT??? lol Well he did and it drove me to go seek professional help! lol

  • I expect everyone to think like me b/c of course my way of thinking is the most logical one

    -- WRONG. That's an egotistical approach. If you think this way - none of your relationships will really work because you don't need a relationship - you only need a relationship with YOURSELF. Relationships are between TWO people and not only about yourself.

  • 2xoxoxo8, I was being sarcastic.

  • You value your opinions and getting things done your way more than your relationships - how's that bluntness to match your taurus sarcasm.

  • One thing I definitely don't value, is your opinion of me.

  • You don't need to like me and value my opinions. Is that clear to you now? I can smell tantrums here. Is that how you are to your exes? Your attitude shows.

  • Hi 2xoxoxo8,

    Are you are Taurus ? I dont think MizGator meant to come across in a way that she is egotistical its a trait we tauruses have we expect to be treated how we treat others .

  • Living -

    Unfortunately, yes I am also a Taurus. It is a shame how stubborn bulls can be. I've been through a lot because of my own stubbornness.

    And when I said egotistical - it may not sound appealing but it is - I know what you mean about treating others like how you want to be treated. BUT when you don't become submissive and you don't free yourself from your own pride that becomes bitterness and poison to all relationships.

    If you value your ways (because you are over too confident about yourself that your ways are right - in other words - it's either my way or the highway) and opinions more than you value the person you are in relationship with - that's the time a relationship dies, respect is gone as well as love because you think only of your ownself instead of the other.

    Loving someone is a noble act of self giving. The more you love, the more you lose the part of you but it doesn't make you less of who you are but you end up being complete. It is a sacrifice but if you can't sacrifice yourself to prove that you are right, then all your relationships will not last.

    I learned it the hard way and I do not want to go back to the days when I was stubborn as hell - when i was like a brat wanting things to go my way all the time. Treating others like how they treat us is not advisable to so all the time either. Especially if you value your partner more than yourself.

    It really depends on the person how much you are willing to sacrifice.

  • It's a shame to be a Taurus when all I see here are stubborn, pretending to be mature adults, cheaters, selfish bulls.

  • Why do people have to be so hurtful ?i never say horrible things to anyone even if i think it . Yet this happens to me time and time again . Im so over this

    Admin please shut this thread down .

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  • 2xo I noticed on other threads you seem to trash people's opinions, feelings & thoughts. Most people are selfish but people come here for help or guideance not to be trashed. 2xo whatever happened in your life to make you so bitter you need to face it & let it go inorder to become kinder towards people

    and livingonaprayer you are not alone in your thoughts about people being selfish & uncaring. you like alot of people (me included) give a lot with out so much as a thank you. But it may be that in our hurry up world people forget the simple things such as courtesy hang in there LP you are blessed.

  • I concur with shadownmist! And 2xoxoxo8, Ive noticed that in several other threads, that you've participated in you can be very rude, unkind and bitter towards anyones (especially Tauruses) thoughts, feelings and opinions. It seems to me you are aware of some traits that you dont like within yourself and completely blame it on the Taurus persona or several things have happened to you in your life and you then again blame yourself and have become very bitter and mean spirited as well as negative. This was a very positive thread I dont think you should mess up the vibes here or anywhere else on this site. Maybe you should go through Spiritual Boot Camp and sort out your issues because their is some there (Im not making fun of you I just really care and dont like to see someone be so cruel to others but I know you have a great heart inside just remember to show it). Sending positive vibes everyones way, love light and blessings! 🙂

  • wll said asia118x

  • Thanks Shadowmist and Asia for your kind words . It means alot . I took it to heart what was said (thats the taurus traits coming out in me) im suprised i said anything at all as im not very confrontational i find when something hurtful is said to me instead of telling the person what i think there and then i stew on it and this is not good ,i need to be more assertive and this is something i wrestle with myself about constantly .

    Many Blessings love and light 2 u all Loap:)

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