Leo girl and Capricorn Guy please advise xx

  • I have been seeing a Capricorn guy for 6 months now the trouble is he is married his marriage has been over for years it is a well known fact amongst all their family and friends and even though his kids are grown up they are giving him such a hard time that he doesn't feel he can leave unless his wife kicks him out as he will loose his kids, we tried to be apart but we always end up talking and texting every day we have such a strong bond and both say we want to be together but it just seems impossible, i don't know if I am just wasting my life waiting for something that is never going to be he takes so many risks and his wife and kids know about us am I just being a total mug and waiting for someone who doesn't have the b***s to do the right thing, pleas advise

  • I think that as his wife knows about you and hasn't yet kicked him out, I doubt if she ever will. If he truly wants to be with you then he should be man enough to separate from his wife and take a gamble on a relationship with you. At the end of the day it isn't up to his kids to comment on what he wants to do....but they are probably angry at him deceiving their mother, and I doubt whether you would get warmly welcomed by them too. If you want to be together than nothing is impossible....your fella has got to take the plunge though. He hasn't left home yet completely...so what risks has he taken?? I advise you to go with your gut feeling......not very helpful, I know, but it is you at the end of the day who has got to decide whether you are going to stay in a relationship where he can't give you his full attention OR are you going to get a life and find someone without emotional baggage that can give you 100% of their time? All the best.

  • Your biggest mistake is getting involved with a married man....

    I dont care what damn sign he is.

    He isnt gonna leave his wife... and if it were me... Id dump his ass til he does...

  • Wow...Thats unexpected. Normally Cappies don't cheat on their mates. Sweetheart, your first mistake was getting involved with a married man. If he hasn't left his wife, he won't. There is a thing called carma and you are bringing down a house of pain for yourself if you don't get out now. Not only are you hurting yourself you are hurting his wife and his children and he obviously doesn't care who is hurt as long as he has his cake and eats it too. Unfortunatly cappies are centered on their feelings before others and sometimes get confused about what is right for others and what is right for them. They despiratly want to do what is best for others but they do it baseed on their needs rather than the one the are trying to do right by. He is doing what he believes is right by his wife and kids and there will be no changing his veiw on this. You are wasting your time and what you have to offer on a man who will never appriciate you. Move on you will be happier

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