Healing Music as Life's Mission?

  • I am a singer-songwriter, who has been playing for years, but just recently realized the direction needs to be more about healing. I have a lot of self-doubt and procrastination and fear of failure issues I have worked through/ am still working through, but many have told me I am here on a mission so I am trying to work through these issues. I would very much appreciate any interpretation of the following reading. Thank you!!

    Significator: Ace of Pentacles

    Atmosphere: X Wheel of Fortune

    Obstacle/ What crosses me: Page of Pentacles

    Root: XV Pan

    Past: 3 Cups

    Sky/ The Messages from the Universe or my Higher Self: 8 Swords

    Near Future: Queen of Pentacles

    Self-View: 10 Cups

    Hopes and Fears: XIII Death

    House/Aura/People around me: XVI Tower

    Outcome: 9 Wands, Knight of Pentacles, XX Judgment

  • Anybody have any ideas for any aspect of this reading? Thanks so much!!!

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