The Akashic Records On: Lies and Deception

  • a message from Akashic Records channeled by Jen Eramith MA

    What happens when a person lies? Where is the lie stored energetically? How is the truth stored energetically in oneself?

    When deception occurs, the truth begins to operate like a kaleidoscope. Deception makes the truth fractured and malleable so that, just as in a kaleidoscope, if you turn it a certain way, it creates a new picture with the same parts. One thing to know about deception and lies is that the truth is always embedded in the lie. Deception only occurs when someone believes your lie, including if you believe your own lie. It is easily possible for a lie to exist without deception occurring, providing that the listener or the receiver of the message chooses not to believe the lie or chooses not to be deceived.

    This is different from the fact that multiple truths are available in this reality. Part of human nature is that each of you has your own perspective and each of you has your own version of reality. There are multiple truths available in the human experience. Just take the example of an optimist and a pessimist. They can look at the same glass of water and have completely different truths about it. Just because there are multiple truths in a situation does not always mean the deception is taking place. Sometimes two truths, even if they seem to be opposing, can coexist and so it is important to recognize the difference between multiple truths and lies and deception.

    So when a lie is told, when someone knowingly conveys information that they know is not true, then the listener has a choice about whether or not to be deceived. The energy of the person telling the lie becomes fractured. When someone has told a lie or is living with a lie, their energy, instead of working like a laser beam or a beam of light, begins to look like a kaleidoscope. This makes their energy far less effective. Any endeavor they strive to accomplish in their lives cannot be accomplished very clearly or accurately. When someone lives with deception -- either because they believe lies told to them or because they are lying to themselves, or if they are actively lying to others -- that person becomes less effective in every endeavor of their life. A person's natural energy shines like a spotlight so that when you place your intention on something, when you wish for something or try for something or work toward something, that spotlight shines on that thing.

    The light you shine energizes it and brings it into reality. This is how manifestation works. So if you want to get a job, you shine your light toward getting a job and eventually manifest a job. If you live in deception, either of yourself or others, the light you shine is not a clear beam of light. It is more like you are pointing a kaleidoscope toward your intentions. The kaleidoscope is not very effective at shining light. It scatters the light, it disorients the picture and it skews the picture so you become disoriented. When you are living with lies and deception, you become far less effective at accomplishing or manifesting in your life.

    The truth is always embedded in the deception. For an active, careful, listener, you will find the truth in the deception. In any message someone gives you, the truth is exists. If someone gives you words that are not accurate, you can still hear the resonance of the truth if you are paying attention. This is why, as listeners, it is so important for all of you to live with your intuition activated all the time. Part of being in Enlightenment means no longer allowing your energy to be fractured by deception so that if someone tells you something that is not true, you will be able to sense the fractured energy they are sharing with you and you will be able to sense what is really true underneath the kaleidoscope they are pointing at you.

    For instance, someone can tell you that they are not really angry, but you can feel that they are. You can feel the tension in their voice or the sense of the energy in their body, or you can feel a sense of dissonance. Often as a listener, you will not know the truth right away. You will simply notice that something seems “off.” What you will know is that the message you are receiving has dissonance. The message you are receiving is not clear. When you sense this, take your time to explore what you feel. If your intuition has told you that there is dissonance, you then take your time to sense what really is true for you - what you are feeling from that person. You cannot decide for them that they are angry, but you can choose not to be deceived by deciding for yourself that you do not quite believe what they are saying or that you know, you acknowledge, you recognize there is something more than what they are telling you. Just acknowledging that, even if you do not know the whole truth, just acknowledging that means that you keep your energy clear. You are not deceived. You do not need to know every bit of truth. You do not need to puzzle out every message you are getting, but you need to keep this radar turned on all the time that allows you not to be deceived. Even if you do not know the whole truth, you know when something is missing or you know when something is dissonant, and that is enough to avoid deception.

    Is it ever okay to lie in order to avoid hurting someone? When is it okay to lie and when is it not okay to lie?

    The Akashic Records do not dictate ethics or morality -- they offer information about what happens when you make certain choices. You must decide, as a human being, what fits your morality and what consequences and results you wish to accomplish with your actions. When you lie, even when it is in order to protect someone or to avoid hurting their feelings, it still fractures your energy. The fractured energy, the dissonance inside of you and the ineffectiveness in your life, occurs when you lie or when you intentionally create deception whether your motivation is to protect someone or not. As you may have noticed, in the human world there are many good reasons to avoid hurting someone by telling a “white lie.” When you decide to use a “white lie,” you can mitigate the fracturing effect it has on your energy. The first most important thing for you to do, when you feel motivated to tell a white lie that protects someone from being hurt, is to consider why you want to avoid that person's feelings.

    Often, human beings find themselves in relationships that are based upon you avoiding your feelings, or you avoiding seeing the feelings of the other. Those relationships are filled with deception and ultimately are very fracturing for both people. It is important to start to take apart some of your relationships and understand how relationships that are built on avoiding feelings, ultimately become unfulfilling. Ultimately they distract you from Enlightenment. That does not mean that Enlightenment is always served by adamantly forcing the truth on people whether they will be hurt or not. There is a delicate dance for you to do between living in truth and not forcing your perspective on everyone around you. It is important that you look at your relationships and acknowledge those relationships that are based on avoiding feelings, in which both of you continually hold yourselves back or twist the truth in order to avoid feeling something yourself or avoid creating a feeling in the other person.

    The most Enlightened relationships, and the relationships that support your Enlightenment, often are filled with emotions that come and go. The relationship is stabilized, not on the storms of emotions that pass through, but on the underlying connection you build that allows those storms to pass. The second thing to consider when you are deciding whether or not to tell a lie is to consider that there is so much more truth available than you ever convey in your communications with one another.

    Frankly, you do not have enough time to tell the whole truth all the time and that does not mean that your omission creates deception. It means that you are choosing what needs to be said for the situation and you are choosing the time for it to be said. There are many different spiritual practices and traditions that give guidelines for telling the truth that is needed for the highest good. You can turn to the religion that you are most affiliated with for guidance here. The example we will give here are the four gates of truth. These are four questions you ask before you speak. First, is it true? Second, is it kind? Third, is it necessary for me to say this? Fourth, is this the right time for this message to be said? Through each of those gates, continually ask yourself, “Am I being deceptive? Am I striving to hide something?” Only you will know what your true intentions are. There is a way to say things with kindness and clarity at the same time. The skill of developing an ability to speak with both clarity and kindness is a skill you must develop as you move through Enlightenment.

    Another way to consider this issue is to strive to state the truth with compassion. You might think you are being very clear and truthful when you are actually being judgmental. It is important to remove your judgments and your own ideas of what is good or bad, or who is good and bad, before you state the truth.

    Regardless of what your motivation is for telling a lie, when you knowingly deceive someone, either by saying something untrue or by omitting parts of the truth that are relevant, your energy is fractured. It is important for you to be mindful of this and to take good care of your energy. The more you take care of yourself -- the more you are honest with yourself, and the more you keep yourself whole by avoiding deception and denial in every part of your life -- the more easily you will find the skills needed to convey the truth with kindness. That is the most Enlightened way for you to work with the question of protecting people's feelings. (May 2011)

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