IBelieve can you help me please?

  • HI IBelieve,

    I thought I ould start a new topic for this so it does not get snowed under on the paddi thread. Remember you did a numerology report for me for my translation business? well I was wondering if you could do another one for me, but this time with regards to my healing thing - I am really considering setting up a website maybe not for houses as yet but def. for the reiki. Would you ahve time to help me with this?

    Thanks a bunch and I owe you yet another favour.


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  • Oh what a good idea 🙂

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  • Eureka, I found it!! LoL

    Yes, I would be more than happy to help. I already have your numbers so I will gaive it some thought and send you something. Do you have any ideas on the name or any specific direction you want to go?


  • Top marks! I will have to set up two sites, one for Holland for hands on healing and a .com for distance healing, meditations, all the spiritual stuff I can find. The.com one is most important as I hope the NL business will go by word of mouth.


  • why not one site .com for both? I have seen it loads of times. Only reason I ask is that your are then looking at 2 names (they can be simiilar) cause if people do a serach they mey get the wrong one and not bother to search further. So I think by word of mouth one site woudl still be better for spreading the word as the other things you offer may in fact be something else they are interested or a friend using one service could tell their friend that they you did such and such for them but that you offer such and such as well on your site. Did that make sense?

    And when you get it al set up let me know how to do it so I can getr in busines myself.LOL


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