Help me! I lost something and am puzzled.

  • So 2 weeks ago on Sunday, I lost my wallet. Let me recap my events I went through that day.

    So I was scheduled in to work at 5 p.m, but got called in at 3 p.m. Right before I left the house, I grabbed my wallet and placed it my back pocket. I then hopped in my father's car to take me to work. Once I got into work, I never sat down until we closed at 8 p.m, at a booth. My cousin gave me a ride home, but before that, I asked if we could to the store first. When we got to the store, I checked my back pocket for my wallet and was astonished that it wasn't there. I hardly lose objects, as I always keep mental notes of things.

    I've checked my father's car, my room, my cousin's car, and the only booth I sat at the whole time I was at work, and couldn't find it. I work at my aunt's restaurant and the only person there that wasn't family related was a Hispanic cook. I doubt he stole but I never know. This has been bugging me for the past 2 weeks cause my black wallet couldn't have just vanished.

    Can anyone help me find it? Thanks and blessing's to all of you.

  • i see a dark hand (could be skin or a black glove) reaching in to take the wallet as you bend over.

  • I misplaced my wedding ring and am confused if this occured at home or at a restaurant anyone got a feeling out there?

  • Hey Captain, think you could locate that black hand and place a name to it? Thanks by the way for using your energy to help me out.

  • In your aunt's restaurant, did/do you have contact with members of the public? Customers, patrons, anyone else that may come in that doesn't actually work there? I don't feel like this person is someone that is "known" to you or doesn't work at the restaurant.

    Can you recall if someone had actual physical contact with you that day? Did someone "accidentally" bump into you, or made contact that gave you an unsettling feeling, but you just brushed it off?

  • No, I work in the back as a cook. I didn't have any unusual contact like that with a stranger.

  • I am getting the letter M in connection with the dark hand. I feel this person is quite an experienced thief.

  • Leahlaci, if you start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page, you are likely to get more answers to your question.

  • Well, thanks for your help Captain. Looks like I will never see my wallet again.

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