3 career readings. New lay out.

  • MollyKathleen,

    Hi thank you...

    I would love my career read

    Hopeing to be an author REALLLLLY soon

    Foundation-Awakening. Lying awake over something wih a new perception. Intense contemplation. 9 swords

    Recent Past Influence. Love and devotion to an honorable cause. I illuminate. SUN

    Future event or influence- Giving of oneself. Charitable acts of giving. Assesing the past and expectiong an great outcome. Community. 6 Cups

    The main objective of the career. Knowledge at hand. Studies. resources. Eagerness to learn. Openess to new ideas and knowledge material. Easy going. Page Coins

    You feel towards it: Things in the air now and soon to land. Waiting for closure. Waiting to seal the close. A stop to watch the inputs come together and attain practicle results. 8 Wands

    Connection. Dee soul search. leaving into a new creative outlet. Passion and emotion stirring, 8 Cups

    How you recognize. "I want" Control over mind matter. Pateince. Personal conviction and courage with soft controls. Strength.

    Clue" Star. Self liberating and ascending. Renewal of the souls journey. New oath to greater atainment. rejuvenating self with new ideas and endeavors that are more dignified and cooperative with true self.

  • Thankyou so much for your insight, I have a lot to think about. Xxx

  • Wow! First...I want to commend you on how close your new career reading is. Just a few days ago I posted on here for a Tarot reader...it's probably a page or so back on the TAROT posting (same as this one) look for my request by Molly Kathleen...It looks like all all of you are picking my energy up and the end is so close I can taste it...I pointed out cards that I get pulled all the time...PLEASE read through that post and I think you can say your new card spread is KEY ON! 😉

    Tell me what you thanks again....I have a jump in my step again today!



  • TheTransformed,

    Would you be so willing to go one more over your quota of three here please? Or if not, would you save for your next 'round'?? I am desperate for career direction. I am so unsure of what I should be doing in regards to career/re-training. I am totally unfulfilled in my current position in IT. I have NO PASSION whatsoever, but do not know where to begin to clean the start and move into the field where my heart's desire is which is in the human services area, either young children or teens perhaps. Feeling like my life is slipping away from me 😞 Please help with some insight?!

    Foundation-"fire power" Creation and imagination. Start of a new work or relationship. Ace wands. Renewa and realization. Growth id surging within oneself.

    Recent past influence. liberation. Self illumination. Love and devotion for an honorable cause. Taking life as it comes. SUN

    Near Future Influence: Working wiht love care and petience. Exertions pay off. Waiting on tangable results and asessing the direction.

    "job" main point of interest within job. Love of travel, risk, Various unknowns, positive attitude and approach.Fool

    The way you feel towards the job- Determined, control over emotions, Struggle and success. CHariot. Dominance and Victory.

    Connection-Self is defended and won. Fullfillment of self. Unkown encountered courageously. Knight Swrods. The end of fustrating situations.

    How you recognize: Queen of Coins-Grace, dignity, responsibility. Security, saftey, freedom, Prosperity. Vissionary talent. Responsibility for posessions and humanity.

  • angel hugs

    Rapunzie444 blessings for this service

    I would apperciate insight as to what is to occur for me in the next few years. I medically retired from work a few years ago and now wonder if I will return to work and what I may be doing.


    loving silver wings

  • This post has been over exhusted. I have done 6 readings 3 over intended. If you would like, If you would like you can post on my thread in relationships May 22 . 🙂

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