3 career readings. New lay out.

  • I am testing another layout. This is a career question thread. I am looking for three querents inquesting a new or seeking a career feild to manifest.

    Foundation of career.

    Recent Past Event influencing your path to the career

    Near Future Event

    The Goal of the Career

    Your Mentality about the Job


    How you Recognize it


    Thank You.

  • If you don't mind, I'd like give it a shot. Birthdate is 10/15/85, if you need it. Thanks. 🙂

  • Hi I would love a reading. I'm not sure what step I should take in my career. Thinking of opening my own business. DOB March 12 1985.


  • Ok Nightcherry. Kaymrial...is this a new job or seeking a new career?

  • I am looking for a new job. However, I am not sure if I want to stay in the same career field. I am currently in retail, and thinking of opening my own business.

  • Nightcherry,

    Ok. You are one capable of leading a business. Your intetnions are to help others. Is this a business that involves consulting others? Will you be the primary service?

    Ok well here are the cards.

    Foundation: Death- I rule. Preparing for a new way of life and self, riddeng excess and blocks to free up energies to embark upon a new path internally and externaly. Transitioning.

    Recent Influence: I want. Discovering possibilities within self and the world. Poissibilities emerge. Trusting in the universe. Fool.

    Near Future Event. Sharing of opinion. Creative contect. Negotiation, Noble and diplomatice counsel. King Cups

    Objective of this "career". 10 Coins. Legacy. Long term abundance. Standard, convention. Family matters. Stable and secure, saftey.

    Your mentality towards it; offering oneself. philanthropy. Community. Soon the inputs will manifest something worthy. "Completing of work of life" 6 Cups

    Connection- Page Cups. Loving intuitive, sincere and sensitive communication. Reliable and loyal collaberation. New business. Success within areas of subconscious.

    How you recognize it: extreme diligence, loyalty and dedication to an honorable cause, cuatious and step by step plodding, details examined. Patience and thoughfullness. Knight Coins

    Clue about synchrony into manifestation: Hermit September , fall late summmer. Introspection, one who holds wisdom and shares with otheres. An inquest to enlightenment for self and others. A need for isolation for gathering experience and theory.

  • Hi thank you...

    I would love my career read

    Hopeing to be an author REALLLLLY soon

    Molly (MKJH)


  • Rapunzle, I guess maybe the new career question best applies to my situation. I feel stagnated or stuck in the job I'm in, and want to change but don't know what to do.

  • Ok Molly. I have three now. Just waiting for your direct concern Kamryial. I will get to work. I will have these done by tommor.

  • Hi Rapunzle, thanks for the reading! The business I want to open is a clothing boutique. Do you see success for me in that field? From what I read from your reading, it seems like it could possibly be a good move for me.

  • Hi rapunzle, is there any chance you good look at a reading I posted a couple of days ago and give me your opinion? Sorry, I know it's not to do with this thread, I'm still trying to work out how to use these forums! I just noticed you seem pretty good at what you do and I think your opinion would be really helpful.

    Thanks so much xx

  • Nothing can live without passion. You must be clear on that concerning this as a career. You have attained the technical aspects to business within these field working for other employers. You can take your own dignified flare and apply yourself with no limit in a self owned business. You need to create a blue print of your business and address demographics. How can you do this in a frugal manner, gain dempgraphic approval, create desire..etc. Is this feasable for your budget? Plan and assess.

  • ok lilquem post the reading on this thread and the concern.

  • Awsome! Thanks! Excited to see!



  • Thanks Rapunzle!

  • Hello Rapunzle44,

    Would you be so willing to go one more over your quota of three here please? Or if not, would you save for your next 'round'?? I am desperate for career direction. I am so unsure of what I should be doing in regards to career/re-training. I am totally unfulfilled in my current position in IT. I have NO PASSION whatsoever, but do not know where to begin to clean the start and move into the field where my heart's desire is which is in the human services area, either young children or teens perhaps. Feeling like my life is slipping away from me 😞 Please help with some insight?!

  • Thanks so much, really appreciate it. This was the post:

    The situation is this, I'm independent and have never really had a relationship (I'm 28) out of choice I suppose, though mainly because I have quite low self-esteem. I have lots of friends and tend to be very sociable but I'm often guarded and cynical when it comes to men.

    Here's the thing. I've met this guy and the whole thing's changed me but I can't seem to let go of my cynicism and mistrust. He's gone away (I won't now see him until June) so we're really getting to know each other across email. He's bought feelings out in me I didn't know I was capable of and hasn't really done anything, persay, that illustrates that I can't trust him. However, you know when you just get niggles? Like little things add up to make one big thing? I don't know know whether it's just me and my self-esteem thinking he can't genuinely like me or whether there's actually foundation for my concern - i.e. is he actually leading me on and taking me for a mug.

    The Knight of Cups comes up reversed a lot which I guess shows someone a bit deceitful - what do you think? Though it often comes up as an obstacle or fear so I'm not sure whether it's what he is or just my opinion? I did another reading last night, Celtic Cross, and the cards seem to be screaming something at me but I can't get my head round it. The reading was...

    1. King cups reversed

    2. Queen of cups

    3. Knight cups reversed

    4. Emperor reversed

    5. Queen pentacles

    6. Moon reversed

    7. 10 pentacles

    8. 9 pentacles

    9. King pentacles reversed

    10. King wands reversed

    I've never had so many of the same suit turn up before and so many 'male' cards. I really feel like it was a significant reading but my inexperience is making it hard for me to make sense of it. Can someone help? I don't know whether to allow myself to invest more emotion with this guy or whether to just cut my losses and continue to be on my own...

  • Kamrial,

    Foundation: Loyal to the cause, trustworthy, hard work and much diligence. Caution and order to details. Steady progress. Knight Coins

    Recent Past Influence: "getting of the fence" a recent realization about your current job situation not allowing your soul to grow on its journey. A need to make large life change. A new way of life.


    Future Influence within this path: Self assured and confident. Purposfull actions. Energetic. Honarble causes. Queen Wands.

    Goal of this job. "balance" fairness. Truth. Administering Judgments. Earthly equalibrium. Justice.

    Your attitude: easy going towards new studies. Openess. Willing to adhere with others and eagerness. New studies, practical approaches, step by step iveness. Page Coins.

    Connection: Liberation from past mind structure. Making up inner balance. Clarity. 2 swords.

    How you recognize it: leaving and moving on...needs require a new "comfort zone" leaving your comfort zone to explore in uncharted areas. Emotional and soul growth. 8 cups

    Clue: Conventional, traditions, rules, security and saftey. Long term potential. Fall season possibly. 10 Coins.

  • lilquem. Relationships are reflections of our inner self, so if you are guarded and cynical; thtas what you attract. I know it is rough. We just need to center ourselves. You feel this way and I think you should not invest so much energy into it because it will block you from letting the inner causes wihtin self to be liberated in order for you to become vulnerable to a real divine relationship. He;s leading you on and taking you for a mug. Is that good enough for your standard? Carefull not to look over the "signs" because you want something out of desire coming from an imbalanced inner content. I would create a soul mate map. Affirm your desires fro self and for who and what you want your soul mate to be and then how you two compliment eachother.

    The cards show you will be entering into possible self deception or confusion within this relationship. Reversed cards are just a lower energy of the card. The 9 pentacles is showing you in the situation as independent and financially stable with self. Clearly the King Coins is a desire for stable and secure relationships. The king as an outcome in the wands suit can represent "blueprinting" for an ideal. An intrepid, bold and confident energy that plans his goal and then sets out to get it. This could be advise for you. The situation is exactly what you say; it is picking up on your new communication with this man. The celtic spread pretty much states the obvious.

    Molly yours will be next.

  • The Transformed. I will work on something for you later this evening its 3am here in NY.

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