Should I tell him or not? Tarot reading for insight?

  • Hello.

    I am a very determined person, and well, there's this guy. Although he has a girlfriend, I still want to tell him how I feel. But, is this a wise decision or not?

    my birthday is 9/25/1993 his is 3/10/1983

    I would really appreiciate any sort of help I can get. I don't want to make a fool out of myself if I don't need to, and I don't want to tell him how I feel if he already knows.


  • You know what - I am going to give you some advice that does not rely on psychics or cards - just on experience. Don't tell the guy how you feel as long as he has a girlfriend. If they break up and you were to get together, you could always be "blamed" somehow for the breakup - no matter what anyone says, there could be guilt or jealousy and all kinds of repurcussions. IF they have problems and break up and you and he are still freinds, then you can tell him later.

    Besides, if the GF finds out you really like him and you are just friends, then you are through being friends - she will make life very difficult for you. If you want to keep your friend, then just be friends and don't tell him and don't get too close.

  • Thank you for your insight. I do understand what you are saying because its the logical thing to do. However, i forgot to mention that after about 3 more weeks, i will never see him again because i am leaving the school that i attend where we both met. Ive been hiding this for yrs and i dont want a what if siyuaition. I also happen to not know his girfriend but i dont want this to mess anything up. I just want to share my feelings and move on.

    I just want to know if he will laugh at me or something.

  • Well - if you are leaving - then its almost a moot point, unless there's a chance you might meet sometime in the future I would probably wait until it was almost time for you to leave then let him know that you relly like him and if things were different then you might have considered exploring expanding your friendship. Tell him you won't forget him and if he ever wants to talk to you, just call. But don't expect anything greater because it will just keep you from meeting available people and will likely lead to an awful lot of heartbreak.

  • Honey, how would u feel if u was with someone, n someone else came up to u n said hey u i fancy u alot? Uve got a choise here, to meddle with whats good in another persons life n mess it up, or leave it as it is n avert ur eyes elsewhere. Chances he will dump her is macrominimal.

    Save urself the heartache! dont go there!


  • DaniBo,

    Don't go there hun. This is a crush, an infatuation. In 3 weeks time you will start to feel differently about him. A few years from now you'll be glad you did nothing. In fact, I get the feeling you'll have forgotten about him, until something reminds you and you'll be shocked and a little embarrassed to remember your "crush".

    There is no relationship there for you with this man, now or in the future. I think you are right when you say you will never see him again.

    You have your whole life ahead of you, go out and enjoy yourself 🙂

    Love & light,


  • I would not tell him. If you ever do see him again, you will be lucky enough to be able to have a friend in him that you can be happy to invite to your wedding without the embarrassment asociated with him knowing he was an old crush. don't make life more complicated that it already is.

  • PisceanHealer,

    Why is the generally believed that infatuation is not the way to finding love.

    I so much believe in it. it starts there, and only if it is not meant to be is not going to.

    I agree with all of you up here, DaniBo don't do to others what you don't like them to do to you, and do what you would like them to do. so leave them and keep in touch with him as friends.

    just wanted to make my point on infatuation. it is misjudged wrongly, and I believe is the way to prove that your chemistry is right for the other one, and from there you can move on to intimacy and see if stuff can keep working.

    I imaging the song:

    I love the way you walk

    I love the way you talk,


    it start with attraction, then infatuation, than intimacy, then love, then unconditional love, then ecstasy... than fulfillment

    love, B

  • Breze1 i agree a crush can grow into friendship n love BUT that said 1 fares better if the 1 one has a crush toward is also free single n looking. Unrequited love is the worst as well as silences. it kills ya!

    DaniBo u have here learnt a valuable lesson, u have learnt to love n to give love, n as an old saying says better to have loved than not at all. I know it has more lines but this is the essential.

    my initial post was simply to spare u heartache. I know u deep down hope he will reciprocate ur feelings BUT chances are minimal .......................... Ill leave u with another line:

    if u truely love someone set them free ...............

  • Breze, I know what you are saying, but infatuation, by its very definition means;

    "A foolish, unreasoning, or extravagant passion or attraction. An object of extravagant, short-lived passion."

    I've had my share of infatuation and I am glad I never did anything about those feelings.

  • PH,

    this happens usually when psychology can not explain above and beyond human nature. they phrase it as "foolish, unreasoning, or extravagant passion" because the reason for it is impossible to explain.

    but infatuation comes from very deep levels of unconscious, that not always you should follow, based on the circumstances, but you should not ignore them for sure.

    best, b

  • Nothing to do with psychology Breze, it's your standard dictionary definition of the word. Which i guess is totally meaningless when compared to your intentions 🙂

  • PH,

    When science fail to help you, its all your will to do any thing about it.

    this terminology on infatuation has to do only with phsycology if any at all. And I am not using it to justify any ones intentions in here. This is very important for all to not ignore their feelings, and to do something about it. otherwise we end up with depressions, based on denials ...etc

    about the stages of love, where infatuation is inescapable, you might need to see Deppak Chopra's video just for a start and then there are plenty of literacy that cover it better. if you just go to:



    regardless of what angle we ALL agree that DaniBo OUGHT NOT enter this dagerous waters.

    Doesnt matter from hence angle the advice came from as in end we all are on same page which is:



    cant we just agree on that n u 2 can agree u DISagree. ENd of arguement.!


  • I did already agreed on that. I would never recommend her to do it. I said this already.

    What I am trying to emphasize here, is that her feelings are important and we should validate as such and she shouldn't be embarrassed of liking a guy that is taken already.

    and work on them. saying to her or to any one that infatuation is wrong--- its totally not right


  • No argument here CWB. I totally see where Breze is coming from. I also totally respect Breze's opinions.

    @Breze Thanks for the link.

  • All in all we all agree which was my point lol

    ah to have loved ......................... mmmmmmmmm gives life colors LOL

  • Cool.

    Rum? 😉

  • no ..................... more a thing that also can happen on astral plane................mmmmm i wish 4 more of such eheheheheheehehehehe

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