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  • Hello, everyone! I'm called Charlie. I've been reading Tarot since I was 13, (am 30 now). Actually, when I was young my grandmother gave me this very old book that detailed how to read fortunes from playing cards! That's how I began. My first time out, I was able to predict the timing of my aunt's divorce and great aunt's death (rest her soul). Since then, I've been enamored with all things mystical and have worked tirelessly to hone my abilities.

    As someone who would love to spend a lot of time here participating in conversations, I'd like to hit the ground running by asking readers here to peer into my fate, please? In turn, I'll contribute to requests as well.

    I recently completed a novel called "Moonglow" and am interested in the tides of success and potential for it that you lot see. Currently, I'm marketing it to literary agencies. I am also open to any other vibratory forces that wish to come through during this inquiry. Charlie (ACR) 21-10-1980. I was born at 2:10 pm on a rainy day, if that helps. 😛

    Many thanx in advance and nice to meet everyone!

  • Charlie, I feel movement in your literary situation around December, but I feel you must make some adjustments to your book before then. There is some feeling I get about the book that a certain aspect may be primed towards the audience rather than being what you really feel. I know that is the general idea - to write what the readers want. but success will come to you when you write from your real feelings and your intuition. You need to write in your own unique way, and not do what is expected. There was a time in the past when publishers and readers wanted predictable 'safe' books that did not challenge them, but the tide is turning to a need for more unusual ways of thinking and writing.

  • Thanks for your insight, Captain! Your time frame is quite interesting. On content: the entire thing has brewed for going on 8 years now. I either dreamed, daydreamed or outright hallucinated every scene. In a way, it's like I've been taking dictation from my mind's queues. That said, I don't feel I've pandered to any general audience as the genre and nature of the book itself are apples-and-oranges in that reguard, (sci-fi/lesbian/romance). Test readers so far have commented that it's unlike anything they've ever read. ~Might it be possible that the idea of doing what is expected could be something an agent will request of me in the future?

  • That blocked word is l3sbian btw.

  • Yes there is a big possibility of the agent or publisher asking you to change your work but you must hold fast or even look into self-publishing.

  • Now THAT I understand! Thx bunches, Captain! Merry Be! 🙂

  • Just an update for you, Captain! You're good. 🙂 My novel will be self published within a week or two. How I learned to write and how all this e-Publishing stuff works is so beyond different, it threw me for a loop and I completely understand what you meant about catering to the average vs. doing something new. The average aspect you picked up on was my insistence on publishing the old fashioned, traditional way and trying to please agents instead of going with the hip and new current of the ocean. I've abandoned everything I believed to be "THE" way to go and have discovered a new strain of happiness and excitement.

    Bless your heart, Captain! Will keep you posted as more activity develops! 🙂

  • Woo-hoo for you! That is just great, Moonglow. 🙂 It's high time publishers realised that writers are getting sick of jumping through all their hoops and want to have more control of their creations. I believe more and more writers will turn to using self-publishing and advertising companies to promote their work rather than close-minded and money-motivated publishers in the future.

  • Hey Moonglow,

    Congratulations on completing your novel.

    A couple things, you probably know you are a 22 lifepath. 22 is the master builder, it is their intent to construct something that will be of lasting value, and that will last a lifetime. The 22 does have an immense amount of pressure on its shoulders at all times, but the rewards outweigh the work.

    Since you are born on a 3 day, this makes you pretty fortunate and some would even say "lucky." The number 3 is ruled by Jupiter, the "benefactor" so you shouldn't lack for opportunity in this lifetime.

    This is an interesting year for you, as the number 4 and 3 are prominently featured in your chart. The 3 dreams up the idea, and the 4 works to make it concrete.

    You are currently in an 8 cycle, the 8 usually brings financial and business success. However due to the 4 it can indicate delays, setbacks, and legalities. If you have been honest in all your dealings, you will prosper.

    Your novel "Moonglow" resonates to a fortunate number, and it is a harmonic number. It will do well. It will attract more of the "romantic" type of crowd and female type than anyone else.

    Good news is that if you look at your numbers, this is just the beginning. Many more creative endeavors to come!

    Congratulations again!

    Create A Great Day!


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