How he feels about Girl A & Girl B

  • Did a spread for someone about a guy that's seeing one woman and his feelings for the other. He's seeing girl A ( we heard that he's seeing her sometimes , so it's nothing serious ) and Girl B wants to know what his feelings for her are as well . So I drew some cards on how he feels about the both of them.

    Information about him & Girl A :

    He's not in relationship with her but they do have sex and they sometimes hang out . This girl is very much in love with her but he also knows that he doesn't want to be involved in that way.

    Information on him & Girl B :

    In the past he knew Girl B had feelings for him, but they had a big argument and stopped talking to each other. He did have feelings for her as well although he never acted on it. They were separated for a long time and both him and her were hurt by it. Now they're slowly getting back together and they will be meeting up with each other soon.

    His feelings for girl A

    6 of Wands - The Moon - 7 of Cups

    My clarifications were : 4 of cups - 5 of swords - 3 of cups

    His feelings for Girl B

    7 of wands - The Sun - 3 of Swords

    For clarification I drew :

    Justice - Page of Wands - 6 of cups

    I would love to read about how you feel about this subject, I`m open to suggestions and tips 😄

  • Him & girl A: Denial. If they are sleeping together then they are in a relationship, whether he believes it or not.

    He is getting what he wants out of the relationship and it makes him feel good. This will only continue to feel good for as long as she is giving herself to him (the 6 of wands). But it's a fantasy relationship, illusions and daydreams (the moon and 7 of cups). Both are living in a fantasy world.

    Him & girl B:

    He's still affected by the argument. Deeply affected. In fact they may both be, and if they don't resolve their issues, no matter how sunny and bright things are looking now, it will end in heartache again.

    Overall, I don't think he is going to let go of girl A any time soon. I feel that the 3 of cups shows she is going to be around for quite some time. The 5 of swords tells me he is getting his ego rubbed when he is with this girl and the 4 of cups shows he has more feelings for her than what you all (including him) believe.

    However, providing everyone does the right thing, a new energy, a new passion is in the air. A time of joy on the horizon.

  • I guess you could be right, since girl A does make him feel good. Although she sleeps around with other men as well, he's very well aware of that, she drinks a lot ,she's promiscuous and she was also interested in sleeping with his friend. He's very picky when it comes to relationships. But I know he does appreciate her as a friend as well. Wether it's more than that we don't know. What we do know is that he's a man with pride that's very well aware of her reputation and finds that very difficult to deal with.

    With Girl B the relationship is pretty difficult, in the past he has shown her that he wants to distance himself from her very much because he doesn't want her to get close to him this is why she decided to leave him because he would not let her in his heart. Girl B. didn't think it would affect him, she felt like he doesn't care about her anyway, so she left. This man has a lot of commitment issues and that is why he's very comfortable with Girl A with her he can do whatever he wants without being committed. They might have something in common that makes him go back to Girl A every time.

    My next question is :

    How did Girl B hurt him ??

    Ace of Cups - 4 of Cups - Queen of Pence - Queen of Swords

    clarifiers :

    Ace of Swords - 4 of Pence - Page of Pence - Page of Wands

    How can she make it up to him ?

    10 of swords - the world - ace of cups - the star

    Hopefully this will help her ...

  • Also In a way she knew he had feelings for her but since he's afraid of getting hurt he didn't want to let her in. He has been through a lot in the past.

  • There is some sort of confusion around girl A. This could be my own confusion, hers or the guy at the centre of all this. Bear with me here.

    You say girl A is very much in love with this guy, is that right? Yet she regularly gets drunk and sleeps around? She is in a lot of pain. My heart feels very heavy just thinking of her. There are some dangerous games going on here. More consideration and compassion needs to be given to all parties involved.

    That includes girl B as well. Why is it that she needs to make it up to him? I am drawn to the 5 of Swords or maybe the 5 of wands. The battle that is going on is within himself. He has serious issues that need resolving (his fear of commitment, his past hurts). No one else, even girl B, can do this for him. As long as these issues remain, his relationships will fail.

    I'm inclined to say, you are all approaching this from the wrong angle. You're not going to fix anything by getting him back with girl B. The Ace of Cups is telling you she is not really going to change. She is going to repeat her "mistakes". Take the word "mistake" with a grain of salt, as she is not really the one at fault here.

    I'm sorry that this is not what you wanted to hear. But I do feel it's important.

  • I agree, because there is a lot more to the story when it comes to girl B, I wish I could share this with you and I really want to. Since you are a psychic the bigger picture here would make things a lot more clearer for you , but it is very private and unfortunately there is no private message option here. But by just reading and having said this, I totally agree with you.

  • Yeah, I kind of get an impression of what she did to hurt him from those 4 cards you drew, but the Ace of Cups, the Star - she's just going to do the same thing again, even if it seems like it's coming from a place of benevolence.

    As I said, a different approach is needed. A simpler one. Though simpler may be a poor choice of word! They need to work on their own issues if they want a happy, successful relationship. They can't do it together because at least one of them (her?) isn't really aware of their issues. There is an element of denial going on. You see what it is but they don't.

    In fact, I want to tell you to trust your intuition. Even if your mind is telling you it's wrong, if it looks wrong on paper or goes against logic or is something you don't "want" to do. Trust your gut.

  • I`m sorry what I meant to say was since you are a psychic hearing the WHOLE story would make the bigger picture clearer for me. There is a LOT more going on then what I wrote here.

    And yes, a lot of times for his feelings for Girl B I drew 5 of wands, 5 of cups, 3 of swords and the Devil as well. Also 5 of swords. So this is one of the reasons why I know he's hurt by her. But she's hurt by him too. The problem is that something is in between them and both of them don;t know what to do. However they will meet up again soon like you said they at least need time to talk to each other to sort things out. There has been a lot of misunderstanding between them. As they are both people with commitment issues and dealing with a difficult past., and we lall know that hurt people hurt people.

    Girl B wants to make up with him for what she did and she wants to be friends at least. She also knows that a potential relationship with this person might not work. But there's something fishy going on and that is what's private. That is something I wish I could send you in a mail or PM.

  • She knows about her problem, she's aware of it. He on the other hand is very stubborn and has a mind of their own.

    When I draw the cards on how he sees Girl B as a person the Queen of Cups comes out and occasionally the High Priestess where as she draws him the Knight of Cups. I think you're starting to get the bigger picture .. am I right ? And trust me he REALLY is the Knight of Wands. Literally lol !

    He looks at Girl A as the Queen of Wands.

    That from my knowledge truly describes how he sees them both because I know all three of them.

  • I`m sorry I meanf these court cards are drawn for feelings and how he sees them lol ( Gosh I wish their was an edit button)

  • Girl B needs to be wary. She may believe she is doing the right thing, seeing the bigger picture, but there is a part of it that she is not seeing.

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