Is my cancer man still the one for me?

  • Here's the story. I am a capricorn and have dated men of somewhat good looks and build but so far I'm most attracted to and passionate with Mr. Cancer (who btw is 8years older and average looking with a big tummy- not the type I would even notice at a club). Now I believe in opposites attract - we don't share common interests but we share a strong intimate relationship. He swept me off my feet 3years ago with his sweet romantic ways. I wouldn't say he is an expert in bed but when we do make love, the chemistry is intensifying. Mr. cancer has a thing for tall, big-sized gals(I have seen some of his exes photos and they r of that kind) while I am the total opposite(small-built and pettite), yet he admitted he cares a lot for me and share a strong connection with me despite my cold/cynical attitude towards him at times. The problem I have with him is his occasional hibernation and distractions and recently I broke things off with him after finding out he's been seeing a girl(who is again physically of his type). He admitted the girl was getting emotionally attached with him but it didn't matter coz she was leaving him for good to join her family in Australia end of the year. Worst, I felt like a back-up. He said on the nite we broke up that he never lost interest in me n will always have that soft spot for me but I deserve and could easily get a better man than him. Told me I could call him anytime coz he will still be there for me even as a friend. It was hard to separate.. we kept hugging and kissing and didn't want to let go. We finally agreed to take a 1 month break w/o any contact.

    Now it's been 3weeks and I missed him like crazy. My house is filled with stuff he bought for me... and when I looked back at our past messages, I am reminded of how bad I was treating him and how he had tolerated my harsh remarks. Of coz, I couldn't resist and texted him confessing how much I missed him(also a part of me hopes things were not getting serious with the other girl and that he may still care for me). He was indeed playing by the rules of no contact but when he saw my text, he would response like what's up dear?

    We will meet again end of next week when our 1 month break is over and I am looking forward to it but somehow I am hoping I am not looking forward to it. A part of me needs to get over him and recently, I met someone potential(a virgo) and he is not a romantic like my cancer but he seemed safe. The kind who is probably less interesting but will make a safe boyfriend. This virgo though is not very sociable and tends to judge people and I am sure he won't get along with some of my partying gal pals. Mr. Cancer on the other hand, was able to charmed all my friends and family. sigh...What should I do?

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