Will he come back

  • had al romance with this individual, will he ever come back,his name is peter

  • More info is needed to pick up the vibes - your birthdates or a photo perhaps?

  • Do you do readings? I am new to this site and relatively new to Tarot....I am in a situation where I was married and my lover was married. We both thought we had found a soulmate in each other and planned a future together. Selfish, perhaps, but it just happened. We knew each other for almost a year. Our spouses had been told (his wife was sent an anonymous letter 6 weeks before my husband knew). We talked, spent time apart, decided that yes, we wanted to be together. We found a house to rent. Then, with my bags packed and my stuff in boxes by the front door of my marital home, I went to bed ready to move the next day. My love spoke to me that evening, affirming his love and his looking forward to the future with me. The following morning, he said that his wife had a last ditch effort to persuade him to stay and considerable emotional blackmail was used. Whatever. He didn't leave. I was in shock. I managed to cancel the rented house we chose together and took a flat on the basis it was dishonest to stay with a husband I didn't love. My now ex-love who stayed with his wife has cut off all contact with me, as though I have leprosy. He has completely cut me out of his life. Three months later and I still can't get my head round what he has done. I am working hard to move on but I have no idea what he is thinking or feeling because he shuns all contact with me. Won't speak to me, or anything. He has left me to work this one out on my own. I know what sort of a 'man' this makes him, but nevertheless I need to get a handle on what is in his head. I have to say he is a workaholic whose career is who he is; his wife works at the same place. He has quite a bit of standing in a small community and we knew we would have big waves to ride, when we got together. His career would stall, but not be permanently damaged. He had said he wanted to take advantage of a change in govt. to bring about massive changes at his workplace where he is in charge. He has the chance to make a real name for himself and I can access a website where I can see he is beginning to implement the changes he had spoken of (when we were speaking). I am a Scorpio (11/11/60) and he is a Cancer (09/07/57). Is it possible for you to do a reading, please?

  • Thepolyglot, you must start your own personal thread if you want a reading as this is Eveinlove's thread. Clcik on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page and post your question there.

  • Okay - thank you.....I'm new to the site! I'll post it now x

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