• Hi,

    I have had a couple spreads on Career done recently...I am soooo confused. I'm always pulling the patience card. Understood...but these obsticles and set backs from my editors are flustering. I haven't heard back from my editors in a couple weeks. I don't know what to think. All I hear is that there is some block and nobody seems to know if it's relationship block or career/book block. I would LOVE if a tarot reader would do a career spread on me and see what I am missing. My book is JADE...editors said they are bringing agents to the table...I don't know..I am trying to move this summer back home. I don't know what information you need. Let me know and I am saying THANK you in advance for your time...

    Molly (MKJH) 5/8/72

    Hubby (WCH) 6/15/72

  • Don't worry, everything will be fine regarding the book. I did a couple of readings concentrating on your book being at the editors and in both reading I had cards showing victory, celebrations and opportunities.

  • Thank you! Good to know I am still okay...blocks and delays then I can deal with. Thanks for the reinforcment, as if helps with the patience! 🙂



  • Rukargi...Another thought after I posted, and info from my previous spreads.

    First, the cards also kept pulling Fertility...which I can't have kids anymore so aimed at my book would go along with what you said. But, I also get these cards A LOT High Priestess, falling tower, death, page, and either the moon, sun, or wheel of fortune.

    Question to you: did you have any of the blocks at all or pull these same cards?

    I am so greatful for you and people like you. I REALLY do appreciate your free time here. As BLMOON put on another post "Life is a box of chocolates" and I have to agree. Posting on here is sometimes scary but so helpful. I was told to really focus my 3rd eye on the full moon in June...that if I just tune in better...Anyway, now I am monologing (as said from the movie "Incredibles")...

    Message said...THANK YOU!


  • Hi MollyKathleen,

    I am the Queen of Wands and just wanted to say congratulations on your writings. I wish I could write a book and have it published. Congrats. I read your post and like Rukargi as I was reading it I got the same feeling. You will do fine and yes your book will be published. Nothing to worry about there. It is not you or the book it is that the editors are taking the time to get it right by you.

    As for pulling the Fertility cards. I see the birth of your book. I am going to liken all this like having a birth as this is your Baby. Writing is your passion and you’re Baby. With the other cards I would think that you will do very well and have much success in writing. As I post this I really do not see any blocks for you even with the tower and or death card. As far as I know the death card is read as a rebirth, maybe a sequel to your book. The tower in this instance is just a regrouping of your house. Meaning just you reorganization so that you can get on with your writing career. I am just seeing success. Good luck to you and wow I wish I could write a book.

    Your friend in Tarot


  • Ahhhh....you just made my day very bright in the downpour outside.

    Everyone has been so helpful to me while I go through all this struggle of "rebirth". I LOVE to write and everything you said is so true. This book has been a baby for two years. I'll post an update while being PATIENT when I have some good news.

    Thank you both so much!



  • HI again MollyKathleen,

    I am glad that I could comment on your thread and give a bit of insight. May I make a suggestion about the cards you have in question. The tower, the death card, Moon card and star and wheel of furtune. My suggestion is this take those cards and make a copy of them with your printer. Then pin them to your bulletin board. Take a good look at them and there you might find your inspiration to your next book. I am just compelled to mention that to you. I see them in my minds eye as an inspiration for you to write about. The other thing I see is Irish stories. As your name is very Irish and I am getting a feeling from that. I know lots of writers write about the Irish and Ireland. However I feel you might have some very good stories to tell.

    I hope I am not off the board here. This is just feelings I am getting from reading your screen name and your posts in the threads you have started here.

    Well good luck to you again and I hope all your dreams in your writing career come out as you hope.

    Your friend in tarot,


  • I'd just like to add that its hard to take cards out of context because depending on the position and placement within a spread cards thought to be negative can be seen in a positive light just as good cards can have a negative side to them. In this case the tower could just indicate the upheaval associated with moving this can be irritating but not earth shattering, likewise the moon is often seen as negative, but can be inspirational.. so long as you keep a firm grip on reality.

  • Queen of Wands - I like your idea re: "My suggestion is this take those cards and make a copy of them with your printer. Then pin them to your bulletin board. Take a good look at them and there you might find your inspiration to your next book." Good call! 🙂

  • Hi Rukargi,

    Thank you I am glad you liked my suggestion. I just felt compelled to mention that. Oh yes depending on where the cards fall. As I read her post I had a very positive feeling about it even with the mentioned cards, Then when I read your post back to her, I said to myself "Thank You" to you because you did indeed give her a positive comment that all will be well. We both felt the positive. I am glad when I can tune in on something of this metaphysical nature. I just felt compelled to but in my two cents. You did a great job in your post to Molly I love it when I see someone reply with a good sense of intuition.

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • Thank you both. I feel sooo positive about the book (yes, it's a series...but have to wait for the editors to continue on with the first sequel)...SAYING that though, I have a lot of time on my hands to put the power of doubt through my mind. I just pulled out the paint cup and painted some base boards after a couple of these posts...It MAKES me think that the POSITIVE whispering in my head is taking control and getting ready for the move I am praying for and the dream to write. This series is a new Vampire series that can actually go into the libraries of schools without the language and S e X...Totally different spin and I am so excited to continue the series...but I say that with caution...because I am still waiting. But, like I said I am cleaning out my house and fixing it up with POSITIVE intentions. I don't get a lot of minor cards....it's always the major cards...I find that odd...The only card that scares me is the Towers....it worries me and follows me...lol...I think the death card is a wonderful card to a new life.

    I am so glad you both feel so positive about all this. It blankets me in comfort where I am so far from my own family and feel so alone. I THANK you both!



  • Oh my goodness Molly you have just given me validation on a thought that has been hitting me in the head. Ok Now I understand why I see you with J k Rollins and Charlene Harris and Nora Roberts it is a series thing going. Awsome for you. Thank you for that validation. The other thing that is hitting me in the head. Your Book Jade is it a female, murder mystery? I keep getting that as well and maybe that is what those cards are sayin this is what your book is about? Well you go girl and keep that writing going. Like I said I wish I could do that too. I have lots of books in my head but they all start with Once upon a Time. I can never get how to really start a book.

    Best to you always,

    Your friend in Tarot,

    TheQueen of Wands

  • Oh my goodness again. Ok the moon that has to do with the vampires they come out at night and prowl and do the blood thing. Ok The tower is the castle of darkness where the vamps come from. The Star deep wishes of the sun to be able to walk in the light. The high preistess the vampire queen not only all the powers of the vampire genes but also mystical metaphysical ahhh now I think I might see this about these cards. This will be good Keep writing.

    Your friend in tarot,

    The Queen of wands

  • Wow! These are some big names being tossed out. I'll send you a signed copy...lol...now send some positive thoughts to my editors to shake a leg...

    ...of course there is a little death in the book but I can't give away toooo much...lol...but yes...mystery is definately there. I wish I could say more...it starts in OLD times but the here and now is where the book takes place...YOU are picking up on what it's about DEFINATELY...lol...I just KNOW what you mean...But! Once upon a time...a very long time ago there was a girl who barely escaped death....and that is all I can say...lol...I think I have auto hand writing when it comes to writing...no joke!

    L&L Molly

  • I just kept seeing these authors with you in my head. I also see colors with your screen name they are vibrant colors like a rainbow. I am seeing such good energy about you. Well I hope it all really works out and I will look forward to reading your books. I will look forward to Jade it sounds very interesting. I read all the Sookie Stackhouse series and I am now just finishing book eleven from C. H. I am a big reader and love to read. I am now looking at a series called Game of Thornes. The author will have a new release of the series in July. I am watching the series on tv and found it most interesting. I looked up the books and will get them soon.

    I am sending your editors postive and telling them to get a move on to get this book out there. It might not be to much longer for you to see it out in print. I cannot wait. Good luck my friend, I wish you the very very best in all your writings.

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • Thank you...I will keep you posted.

    I actually have had a thought that you and Rei...said...I am going to go Zumba and play it out...write it down...I was wondering where book two would have to go...hmmmm...I think your head beaters are swinging my way. 🙂

    Gosh...the play out for book two is leading me down a path I will have to research some more...hmmm...It would play out with the idea of how book one ends and enrich what I have for book two...

    If anyone beats on you some more...lol...let me know...I check on here and reflect a lot.

    Reading is addicting...as is writing and playing out all the thoughts and 6 senses on paper.



  • HI Molly,

    Finish up with the first book first. Then worry about book two. Maybe use my suggestion about the cards printing them out and just taking a good look at them. You might see the visions in your mind and then start it out for book two but do that in a while. I am reading another book now I finished my sookie book eleven. The book I am reading is called A Discovery of Witches. by Deborah Harkness.I am reading in the book last names Proctor and Bishop these are names from the Salem witch trials. The book is not about that but the linage is there. Seems like a good book so far.

    Writing is all about imagination and seeing the characters of the book in your minds eye. When I am using my third eye which is not as often as it used to be, the way I see things is like looking at a roll of photo film. The roll unrolls and the pictures appear. Not in color but in the color of the brown film. I also see things in black and white and sometimes color in my visions. If someone asks me to read them when I see deceased family I see them as a black and white picture. I do not have a picture of the family member to hold I just see it like that in my head. Maybe that is how you see your stories for your books.

    You are writing these books for shcools and libraries, I often thought of writing books about my dogs. I had a journal going once for them and I lost the whole journal. I also started to write a cook book and lost that as well. Oh well one day before I leave this world I hope to get the cook book started again. It will not be published but just handed down to the family.

    Well you have a great day and just keep seeing the visions of your books. See yourself writing and then finishing it and see it edited and then picture the cover of the book and see yourself doing a book signing. You know if you invision your dream and keep it in mind it will happen.

    Your friend in Tarot


  • Thanks I will do that....and that is why I haven't really "taken" to wrting book two yet. It has a start but I have to hold book one in my hand. I envision the cover and see it in my head.

    I know I am close. I guess there may be a small delay with my editors with something that came up but I know it's out of their control and I know we have our lives to live. They are wonderful people and I know they most likely feel bad about the length of time this has all taken. My gut is always telling me to hand in there (and quit with the bad attitude...lol)....why else would anyone of their stature keep me hanging if they didn't believe in my ability to tell stories like I do. It's just the pressure of summer coming and the changes I want to make....I just am hoping to finally get a break and have an easier raod to travel for the first time in my life. Something we all wish for I supose...

    Blessings and light to fill this May day!


  • Hi Molly,

    I do not think it is a bad attitude as you are just anxious to get it out there in print. Just try not to pressure the editors too much. They are working on it and really just want to get it right before it goes to publication. Most authors are just ordinary people like us. Most might not have been financially set as well. Most had dreams of what they would do when they get the book published and hoped for the best seller. Lots have not gotten to that best seller yet.

    The one person that really strikes me is J. K Rowling. Her back story was phenomenal she was not financially fit and sat in the Laundromat and at cafes and where ever and wrote her book. There are many like that out there. I read all of the Harry Potter books and loved every one of them. I often thought that J. K. was Wiccan or a true witch herself. She had me believing that she knew so much about the metaphysical that is was amazing. I am sure she did a lot of study and research about it. One thing I did see which really through me with her.

    I watched this silly movie and I think it was called Troll. The little boy the character’s name was Harry Potter. I thought that she took that name from that movie as it came out long before her books. None the less the Harry Potter books and movies are just as phenomenal as J k Rowling is.

    You are right keep to the gut feelings and yes why would the editors work with your book if they did not believe in you? Yes they do believe in you and your ability to write your stories. Everything will come in due time. I too had plans for this summer and moving on to something I would truly like to do but maybe it is not in my cards as of yet. I am not giving up on my dream it is just going to take a while for me to get there. Longer then I would like. Oh well everything comes to those who wait. Just have faith and keep with the vision and the dream and it will come.

    May the light of your gift shine upon you and bring you to the golden road of success.

    Your friend in Tarot,


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