Urgent help with interpretation

  • Hi everyone

    I'm new to the site today and a relative beginner with tarot altogether. I only read for myself, especially as I'm learning. I have a few reoccuring cards and I just don't know what to make of it all. I was wondering if those more experienced could help?

    The situation is this, I'm independent and have never really had a relationship (I'm 28) out of choice I suppose, though mainly because I have quite low self-esteem. I have lots of friends and tend to be very sociable but I'm often guarded and cynical when it comes to men.

    Here's the thing. I've met this guy and the whole thing's changed me but I can't seem to let go of my cynicism and mistrust. He's gone away (I won't now see him until June) so we're really getting to know each other across email. He's bought feelings out in me I didn't know I was capable of and hasn't really done anything, persay, that illustrates that I can't trust him. However, you know when you just get niggles? Like little things add up to make one big thing? I don't know know whether it's just me and my self-esteem thinking he can't genuinely like me or whether there's actually foundation for my concern - i.e. is he actually leading me on and taking me for a mug.

    The Knight of Cups comes up reversed a lot which I guess shows someone a bit deceitful - what do you think? Though it often comes up as an obstacle or fear so I'm not sure whether it's what he is or just my opinion? I did another reading last night, Celtic Cross, and the cards seem to be screaming something at me but I can't get my head round it. The reading was...

    1. King cups reversed

    2. Queen of cups

    3. Knight cups reversed

    4. Emperor reversed

    5. Queen pentacles

    6. Moon reversed

    7. 10 pentacles

    8. 9 pentacles

    9. King pentacles reversed

    10. King wands reversed

    I've never had so many of the same suit turn up before and so many 'male' cards. I really feel like it was a significant reading but my inexperience is making it hard for me to make sense of it. Can someone help? I don't know whether to allow myself to invest more emotion with this guy or whether to just cut my losses and continue to be on my own...

    Thanks everyone, I really appreciate anyone that takes the time to read this

    H x

  • Here it is...

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