You Can Stand as the Heart of God

  • a message from God channeled by Yael and Doug Powell

    You Can Stand as the Heart of God, Available and Alive on Earth

    Oh, beloved ones, come into My Love and let Me fill you, even for a moment… for a moment is all it takes to experience the Reality of your being and the truth of your glorious heart.

    What I Am wanting you to experience now, -- the place from which to live your life -- is the return to who you truly are as the majesty, the wonder and the magnificent Love at the place where life is created in you, and you are the heart that gives everything.

    Rather than approaching your life, your relationships, your longing for Love from the perspective of being a human being who is reaching up, who is learning, who is opening, who is evolving -- beloved ones, it is time to make a shift to open your heart and to live the Now Moment from the place where you are Whole and complete, perfect, joyous, exquisite Love.

    From that perspective, Love flows into your life and guides you in every moment, places before you each perfect step for being the heart of God. From that place where you are ever alive in Me, from the level of your being and your heart in its endless glory, there is only the joyous experience of giving Love continually.

    When Love reaches out, when Love is extended as you, wherever Love meets is a joy to behold. The moment of the connection when Love is received -- when God meets God -- and Light meets Light -- and Love restores the circle, you are embraced in the orgasm of Creation itself. You are alive to the profound and endless joy – the surprise, the wonder, the indescribable joy of being part of the explosion of Love as it goes forth to claim its own.

    You are a part of this unified consciousness discovering itself in the movement of Love. Each moment is a gift of eternity, Love being extended and nothing required in return. Your Love for Me is a pure and perfect gift, not required but joyously received. It amplifies the awareness that Creation is, and deepens the experience of endless wonder, as life is expressed in its completion – and yet, held in the moment of expansion and the awakening of God.

    It is beyond words to describe this experience, beloved ones, but it is alive right now in your heart. When you are alive to this pure and shimmering Love as it pulses through Creation to express itself here and now as the heart of God you are, your every breath becomes a prayer of gratitude and your every thought becomes the holy name of One Love, honoring every expression of God.

    Thus, as you live from the pinnacle with the open heart infused with Light, you will find yourself simply being Love extending itself to everything and everyone that you meet. There will be nothing between you and them – no thoughts of judgment, no belief in separation, no desire to define a relationship. You simply feel yourself extending to them perfect Love in the Now Moment.

    So the shift in perspective is everything right now. Beloved ones, you stand upon the cusp of the dissolving of time. You stand upon the launching pad of restoration to the Oneness of God and to the experience of being drenched continually in the magnificent outflow of Love.

    You are the heart of All That Is, shining, tremoring, pulsing in exquisite joy. It no longer is useful to deny this. It is time to live your every moment from this perspective and let this Love and this consciousness of unity fill your days and infuse your being with the deep and endless knowing that it is the Will of Love extending itself that moves you and nothing else.

    When you open your heart and call to Me for this shift in perspective, to the truth of who you are, it can happen in an instant, in one flash, and you remember what it means to be the outreach of endless Love. Or it can happen in a few moments, but it will happen quickly because the time is here for the heart of Love to show up in its fullness and to restore the world to its rightful place as a beating heart, as a shining sun, as a “Yes” to life that brings with it all that has been done and felt and lived.

    With it comes the deepest gift of extending Love beyond all conception of where Love could be held or felt, where it could reach or be experienced -- for never, ever, in the most wild imagining of this consciousness of One I Am could I ever have conceived of Love being needed deep in a reversal of all that is the truth of being.

    And yet, beloved ones, please hear Me when I tell you that as you bring back this experience of duality into the fold of Love, what you accomplish in bringing Love into every nuance of the belief in other-than-Love… You expand Love in ways beyond any dream of God, and deepen the truth of our being.

    This unity of Love becomes more. The matrix of Creation expands in patterns of conscious Light that come from the restoration of the turning away and create new expressions of Love and Light that are astounding in their beauty.

    What you see when you look into the world from the perspective of a human being with an ego is experiences of fear and doubt, lives lived without the succor of Love, long droughts which it seemed that Love didn’t exist, eons of time unfolding without bliss.

    And yet, when you return to the truth of your heart, when you let it come in and flood your being, when you allow this consciousness that embraces it all to show you the world from this Real perspective, what you see is this flower of God -- unexpected in its intensity, its complexity and its amazing beauty – a matrix of life that, once restored, is a gift beyond all imagining to the living Whole of God.

    So, I bring you this resonance of your true heart, of your glorious spirit, of the one life that is shining within, extending itself with your every heart beat. I give you the world to love as the pure heart of God – one life expressed exquisitely in every aspect of My heart’s perfection.

    These are the Rays of Love that you are, each containing the whole, and each one resounding with the resonance of the All. Each one is a magnetic field of presence, attuned to the pinnacle of Creation, magnetically alive and available to be present in the world as the entrainment of the truth of the heart of God, revealed in the giving of Love.

    I want you to feel how it is to be the extension of this Love, this Love that contains the atomic explosion of life, of consciousness, of incredible surprise that Creation is – moving in celebration as you, as a truly exquisite expression of God.

    The DNA of Creation is within you that contains what could be compared to genes that are points of resonance that perfectly connect to every aspect of the whole of God – that Love may be extended through you in countless ways in perfect resonance with all life, expressed and holy.

    You can stand as the heart of God, available and alive on Earth, allowing Love to inform your every movement, and when Love is fully present, it is full to overflowing and loves perfectly everything it touches. It holds everything in reverence for the life within it.

    By the Law of Resonance, Love returns every heart to its perfection, that each heart touched becomes the extender of Love until heart after heart is giving outward in ecstatic joy with true abandon to the joyous flow of life. In an instant the whole may be restored to the truth that lives within it.

    So, beloved ones, do not look into the world with your mind and wonder how the story will play out. Let go of all the ways your mind has found to assist you, the human being, to climb higher, to find ways to remember who you are.

    Instead, shift into your heart. Take a deep breath and feel it open and in the instant of surrender to your open heart and its eternal truth, the heart will restore your perspective and you will know all that you truly are.

    When you choose to live life from the pinnacle, to see the world through the eyes of the open heart, every moment will be a blessing. Every encounter will be a holy one, and every life will be shown in its perfection, completely worthy of receiving this Love and completely available to be Love’s extension, as well.

    Oh, beloved ones, the relief, the relief from the judgments of the little mind constantly attempting to create different categories of life and to rate them worthy of Love or not! All the ways that the energies of your great spirit have been held hostage to fueling the illusions of the reversal suddenly freed will bring you such energy for the glory of life, for celebration and gratitude and for being the heart of God I Am, giving Love forever.

    I Am with you. Turn to Me and I will show you all that you are and from this place of sweet remembrance, of deep communion with the whole of life, you will love as the unlimited heart of the All, and you love perfectly.

    Out of this Love will come the dance of the symbols of life that are the world you live in, that the fullness of God will bless everything. It already is. And dear ones, you feel it. It is time to simply acknowledge the truth of your being, the power of Love and the joy of your heart in giving.

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