The Central Spiritual Sun & Love

  • a message from Goddess of Creation channeled by Shelly Dressel

    The Goddess speaks at great length and gives you several opportunities to look at your life from different perspectives. She allows these opportunities to occur as a means of teaching yet another way to shift energy. This channel is also about love. Now this she starts while we’re still grounded. She does so to give us the opportunity to open to the perceptions we may have as we are fully grounded. As she spoke of love, it was as if there was a huge flood that moved through all of us. I think one of the reasons for these journeys to experience that complete acceptance and loving energy.

    When in the All That Is, she spoke of bringing up our lives. She encouraged creativity in how we perceive what may be going on. She also spoke of how some would see their lives as a movie on a screen. Once this was complete, she then encouraged people to turn aside, breathe deeply and move into a different space. Then when they turned back, they’d be aligning with a new perspective.

    From there, people shifted out into the universe. As she observed this, it was as if people were shooting stars that went in many different directions. There was a large group that moved into the central spiritual sun; also known as the soul of the universe. Within this space there was pure love and acceptance. It seemed important for people to realize that this love is HUGE and completely available to all. That it’s there within and around people all the time, whether they reach for it or not.

    I hope that you can experience that for yourself. I invite you to open to the very loving, accepting energy of this channel.


    Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

    I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you as you come together in this group whether you are consciously on the call as it’s taking place or whether you’re listening to or reading this later. I reach out my hand to you and I draw you close in my embrace.

    Allow yourself to feel the love I have for you. Allow yourself to completely relax and let go of any tension or stress that may be hanging over you. As you feel this energy move through, I invite you to open and see yourself as I see you.

    I see you as the human who is walking upon the Earth and having this Earth-bound experience. I see you as the divine essence that you are who has had many life experiences upon the Earth and out in the Universe. I see you as having the ability to create anything that you seek to have.

    I believe in you. I love you unconditionally. Allow me to flow within and around you with this unconditional love and allow me to reflect that back to you as you open up and accept unconditional love from within yourself.

    How many times have you felt as if you needed to prove yourself or earn love? Either through doing good deeds, supporting others, creating a home, whatever it is, it felt as if the love was there only if you earned it.

    When you are open to the flow of your divinity the love is always there and it’s unending. Feel this now. Feel this while you are still here and fully present in the Earth plane.

    I invite you to take in one more breath, breathing down deeply within yourself, anchoring your energies once more and then let go this space of your physical body and allow your consciousness to shift until you move into the energies of the magnetic grid.

    As you find yourself within this grid let yourself flow. You may sense it as an energy space; you may sense it as a structure. There are many perceptions that people have about this space.

    I invite you to have a sense of looking around and realizing that this is where your higher self will oftentimes resides; so you can feel your own higher self here within this space.

    As you are ready to do so, have a sense of releasing this place or releasing this space of your consciousness and shift into the energy of the crystalline grid. As you find yourself aligning within this space you have let go the gravitational pull of the Earth.

    Allow yourself to truly feel the energies of this space and the flow of the vibrations through these crystals. As you gather these energies it is your opportunity to feel what this space may have for you. Sometimes it’s a place where you can come and renew yourself. Other times you may feel as if there is an ease in communication within yourself and also if you seek to communicate to others.

    You breathe in and out gently and easily. Have a sense of looking towards the soul plane. As I speak this, your intention immediately shifts within that space. As you find yourself within the soul plane reach out towards your divinity or your I Am presence.

    As you allow yourself to reach within this space, allow the energies to flow through you. Your I Am presence is your divinity and your divinity is the all-encompassing experiences of your consciousness from everything that you have done since you created yourself as a spark of light or as a spark that became a soul.

    As you allow yourself to merge fully I invite you to open once more to feel the love and the acceptance that is here for you. Howsoever it comes across to you; feel as if you are basking in this energy.

    As you allow yourself to look out from within your divinity; open to perceive my essence as I come in and amongst all of you. I reach out to embrace you. As I do so we merge together and you shift into the space of the All That Is.

    Here within the All That Is you can feel an even greater fluidity to this energy. I invite you to feel as if you are stretching your wings; as if you are allowing yourself to be as big as you want to be.

    There is so much that has taken place within the All That Is. We are not the only ones who come here to create but the amount of time that we have been coming within this space and utilizing it has allowed it to also transform in response to all of you.

    I sometimes wonder if each of you are aware of just how creative you truly are. Creativity can come to you in many different ways. It may come in simple experiences that you have in your daily life. It may come to you in the form of creating a life that is quite complicated or filled with many things.

    Simply because you have many things that are happening around you, it need not be hard or complicated. You can always put forth the intention of creating with ease.

    I am gathering from your energies so as to discern what direction people would like to go this evening. There are always so many different potentials.

    Alright, I invite you to have a sense of creating a space for yourself. For some it may be as if you are in a three or fourth dimensional creation that you can walk amongst and everything is tangible to you. Others may have a sense of a movie screen or we’ve even seen some that have an easel and they are painting on the easel.

    Here within the All That Is I would like you to take an objective view of your life. Okay, you may even choose to have a sense of doing the pros and the cons; the things that are good in your life, the things you would like to transition.

    As you are doing this I ask you to have a sense of where the greater amount of your energy resides.

    Does it feel as if there are many challenges in front of you? Does it feel as if your road is filled with ups and downs? Does it feel as if there’s just an empty, vast space and you are questioning how to fill it? These are some of the things that I am picking up from you.

    It is very interesting, one’s perception. You may take a particular experience that a group of people are going through and each person may look at that perception and while some things may be similar, there will also be great differences.

    You have the ability to shift your perception within yourself and just as another person may have a different perception of whatever that may be that the two of you are looking at, so too can you have a sense of stepping to the side and opening to a new perception.

    So let’s play with that. You have created something that represents your life as it is right now. If you so choose you can infuse it with emotions, you can infuse it with your thoughts and your beliefs, you can add to it whatever you like that makes it very real to you and feels as if you are thoroughly connected to whatever you are putting forth.

    As you do this allow it to all just wash over you. Feel what it means to you; allow yourself to experience your reality.

    Have a sense now of stepping to the side or disconnecting from it, you may have a sense of turning in a semi-circle. You may have a sense of closing your eyes. I’m even noticing one person that is flipping a switch and when you allow your focus and your consciousness to come fully back just look around you.

    Without completely assessing things, just have a sense of absorbing and taking in whatever may be around you in this moment and then either turn back around, turn on the light, raise the shades, open your eyes; whatever it is you would like to do.

    Go back into your current situation. Is there something different that you now see? I am chuckling as I hear some of you say ‘nope, exactly the same’. That’s okay. But for others if there’s even just a twinge of something that looks like it’s a shift or transition. Reach towards that and look through; open and allow yourself to receive whatever perceptions are here.

    Now I am also going to do something else. As I the Goddess stand here speaking with all of you and I’m aligned with you, I’m going to have a sense of breathing through or sending a wave of energy just moving through you.

    Let yourself feel that energy let it move past you. It may clear things out; it may allow you to have a new perception.

    Breathe deeply within yourself and look back once more. This time as you look at whatever it is that is your creation or your perception of your life, I invite you to feel as if you are opening up to a flow and just let your life flow within and around you here and now in this space.

    As this is happening there may be many subtle nuances that you are feeling and that you know. Take them in and it may come to you right now or perhaps at a later date. Allow your energies to consciously create a shift as you look towards whatever this may be.

    There are some who are coming to realize that they would like even more within their lives. There are others who are realizing that some of what they seek is no longer as important. There is no right or wrong. There is only opening to these perceptions and allowing them to wash over you.

    I see that every single one of you have shifted into a more open and encompassing space within your life. I invite you to breathe this down and feel it within you.

    From this experience you have the opportunity to realize how you may shift your perception at any given time. Sometimes the shifting of your perception will not make that much difference but other times it will.

    There is so much available to you upon your Earth plane and there is a great deal that is available to you out here within the Universe and the All That Is. I invite you to come and play in these Universal energies.

    Let go the creation and the perceptions of your everyday life upon the Earth. Allow yourself to simply play in these energies.

    You have all been in alignment with your lightbody energies. They are automatically within you especially when you are in the All That Is. Open your perception with the intention of linking with your lightbody.

    Feel how that moves through you. Feel what it means to you. As you feel this alignment with your lightbody, allow it to illuminate the Universe for you as if you are standing here on the threshold and you can go wherever you would like to go.

    I invite you to take that leap; feel yourself soar and go wherever you would like to go, there are many planets, there are stars, there is the Central Spiritual Sun that is the soul of the Universe.

    As you allow yourself to feel the alignment with wherever this is, open to receive whatever information may be there for you. I have a sense that for many of you, you are allowing yourself to go to that place that you go during your sleep state.

    As you feel your energies expanding in this way, be open and feel the vibration and the essence of wherever you may be. I keep feeling the energies of what is known as the Central Spiritual Sun. I keep feeling as if there is a magnet that is drawing a great many of you there.

    Allow yourself to go to this space if you so choose. You have a sense of approaching this; it looks like the sun that you see in your sky. The difference is as you come into this brilliance there is no concern of heat or radiation or any of those other things.

    Allow yourself to reach forth as if to be absorbed into or as if you merge with it completely. In a few of you I could feel a twinge of fear and that fear immediately transitioned as you realized the complete love and acceptance that is this space.

    When you go back to the core essence of your own self or you come here to the central soul essence, this energy is extremely powerful. It is brilliant. It has a rhythm. It is a vibration.

    That vibration is love. Love that is here for you. Love that enhances all that you are doing within your life. Love that gives you that sense of being complete. There is nothing else you need, it is all here. You are whole, you are complete, it is yours.

    I invite you to look around at whatever perceptions may be here for you. Indeed, if you so choose bring your life into this space. I have to chuckle because some say ‘no way, I don’t want that as a part of this’ and yet others bring in their life experiences and it is a means of allowing everything within your life to be completely saturated with this love.

    Especially within this space you come to realize that the more you love, the more love there is. The more you allow within your own self, the more you allow in whatever may be around you.

    If you are feeling anything that is lack, anger, fear, frustration, let it come up right now and allow this to cleanse you. Allow it to go through you all the way back to your core cellular essence so that it may create a place of healing or a shift in consciousness that moves through you and reverberates throughout your life.

    As you enjoy these places within the Universe, create a special link within yourself so that you may come back here with ease or that you may be able to bring this sense of being with you into your everyday experience.

    It is always here and available to you. It has always been. By creating a sense of renewal you are allowing yourself a deeper experience of love. You could also call this a deeper way in which to experience you, yourself as love.

    I know that some of you would like to stay here longer and you are welcome to stay as long as you would like. For the rest, or for myself, I will begin to gather you once more, inviting you to return to the All That Is.

    Again as I spoke of perception at the beginning, look at your perception of the All That Is right now. For the vast majority of you, it is different than what it was before you left to journey in the Universe. So again there are many, many ways in which you may shift your perception, therefore creating even more so what you would like to have within your life.

    As I look around at each one of you, it is as if you are sparkling and glowing with an inner light. I hope that you can open and see yourself as I see you. I see you for all that you are, the human and the divine essence and even more so now that part of you that is always aligned with the Universe.

    I see you and no matter what is happening or what you are doing, I always love you.

    I invite you to gather together as a group. It’s quite interesting to me, as you come together as a group there’s actually an electrical charge that’s swirling through, it’s as if there are little zips and zaps as people come into contact with one another.

    As each of you go inside and breathe deeply within, breathe in the intention of balance and unity and it’s as if those zips and zaps become an electrical current that’s moving through all of you. And coming up through that electrical current is the hologram of the Earth.

    This hologram is both Ariellis, the New Earth, and your current Earth. I invite each one of you to infuse from your heart into the hologram the essence of this open flow of love and awareness.

    Infuse this energy as it moves through you and into the hologram. You can see how the holograms themself take on a light of their own or an energy of their own.

    What this is doing is infusing that unconditional love, that change in perception and those direct links to the places out in the Universe; it all goes into the hologram in a very balanced manner.

    You allow those holograms to be released and they shift, moving down as if they are going down through a current of energy. Ariellis moves out towards the New Earth, the hologram of your Earth goes down moving through the magnetic grid and it goes down within the core of your physical Earth.

    As it reaches the center of the Earth it links with those crystals and that which is the pulsation of the essence of the Earth. And from there all that was within that hologram comes up from the physical Earth itself, it comes out through the crust of the Earth. And it works with creating a greater balance of the energies.

    These energies move through your atmosphere, they move through all of you and they move through everything that is here. Allow yourself to feel what it is to you. Take in your own experience. And then you release that connection and allow yourself to come back here within the All That Is.

    I invite you to return to your space where you were working with and creating whatever is within your life at this time. I have a sense that every single one of you are seeing this with new eyes. Infuse the energies from the Universe into your perception of your everyday life.

    Take in new opportunities and let them wash over you. Take in new creations or whatever it may be as if you are standing there in front of this space and let them wash over you.

    I invite you to just let all of that permeate you; let it permeate your consciousness, feel it as it balances within you. From there you can have a sense of shifting once more.

    Stop briefly in the soul plane, have a sense of letting go of some of that energy of your divinity. You then allow your focus and your consciousness to continue to move down.

    It moves with you, coming back through the crystalline grid. You may pause again within the magnetic grid as you feel yourself becoming acclimated to the vibrational pull of the Earth once more.

    Breathe in the essence of this space; let it flow through you and allow yourself to flow down through all of this until you stream your consciousness back within your physical body.

    As you allow your consciousness to blend once more within your physical reality you may need to push out the boundaries to allow for this expanded awareness to more fully integrate within you.

    Have a sense of taking in a breath; feel that breath as it moves through you, breathe it all the way down within you anchoring it inside of you and even breathing it all the way into every cell within you.

    Again take this moment and consider your life. You are here back in your physical reality. Take in a breath, linking with what you’ve believed and as you breathe out consciously just let go of everything you’ve believed and allow your new perceptions to wash over you, taking the place of your old perceptions and your old beliefs.

    Give yourself a chance to accept this as a new reality. You can create changes through shifting your perception. You can have a foundation of allowing all to be within your life through love.

    Accepting love within your life creates amazing changes. You can feel it all, you can accept it, you can allow it to flow through with ease.

    As you are becoming acclimated back within your physical body, I invite you to come back within the room.

    As you move through this next week or so within your life, we invite you to consciously open and feel the flow of awareness and if you need to shift your perception, once more turn around, clear the air, do whatever you might do so as to allow yourself to be granted that new perception.

    Know that I am always with you and within you.


    This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website:

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