• Hi Everyone!

    I need your help! I recently met this cancer guy, I would say like 3 weeks ago. I met him out when I was with a bunch of friends. He pursued me and tried to get my attention, which is a rare action by the shy crab. Anyway, I gave him my number and he called the next day as promised. We had a good first conversation, he told me about his family and interests, etc. We proceeded to talk several times throughout that day. After a week of numerous daily phone conversations I told him I had a few days off from work and he got me a plane ticket and flew mw down to see him for the day. This is the first time anyone ever flew me out to see them for a day, so I was impressed to say the least. We just cuddled the whole time, did not do anything sexual, not even kiss. After I left he started to say that he missed me already and couldn't wait to see me again. I went to see him again last week for a few more days, and this time things turned physical. I usually wait at least a month, but I am really into him. He told me he isn't going anywhere and really likes me, (typical guy statement, but he could be sincere). Things were fine the rest of my trip. However, now, about 4 days later we are playing continuous phone tag, he calls me, i call him back, blah blah blah, we haven't spoken in a day. In his defense, this was a busy weekend for him, he had meetings and a wedding out of state, so I am cutting him a little slack, but his behavior is just unacceptable, especially now that I am starting to develop feelings for him. My question is, what should be my next plan of action. I am hoping to go see him this week or next week, but we have not spoken to concrete plans. Should i tell him that i am falling for him and have noticed a change in his behavior and want to stop playing games, or should i just chalk this up as a loss bc I got intimate with him to early and now he is no longer interested? I have learned that cancer men associate love and sex and don't engage in alot of casual sex, or am I wrong? HELP!!!

  • Please don't tell him that you are falling for him but yes they do not sleep with a lot of people and they actually frown on people who do. We as women often think that they are sleeping with a lot of people because of their aloofness but they move very slowly so be forewarned. Just enjoy they situation!

  • Now that you've slept with him he knows you want a commitment (that's why they say women 'lose their power) So they know you're gonna expect 'boyfriend like behaviors' so they back away because they know there'll be alot expected from them. BEHAVE AS THOUGH NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Still be that cool laid back chick and you know he's not 'officially' yours yet. Be happy and he'll come back. (I too had a little freak out after me and my Cancer got intimate)

  • Thanks so much for the great advice! It's just frustrating bc I am more of the chase me type, but I'm into him, so that always changes things. Y can't we just be blunt and not play games!

  • Cancer men turn all of us into 'chase them' types. It's because they suddenly withdraw from us, making us always needing more of them. Read the other posts; it's all the same story over and over. Just remember to NEVER call him. IF he wants you he WILL call.

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