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  • Hi

    Here we can ask Madame Karma 4 a hand to help us. Its a big like asking angels, however here u can be concrete. Ill start.

    Madame Karma, my friend, in years past i counted on u, n today i count upon ur wise wisdom n judgement also. Kindly if u find n see it fit, reverse SunnySummers antics to consequences 4 her so she can learn n evolve. Her antics r mean n cruel, inhuman n at the wrong person n soul devastation cann will set in. She has no sense of her actions n by it consequences, its all a game to her. Madame Karma, i beg u to step in.

    Madame Karma, the hostility Scorbear puts out into the world, specifically toward me, spewing lies n hatred, shows his her its life is desolute dark n very sad. he she it tries to pull us down so he she it can feel great. He she it projects his her its evil out to all he she it can get with his her its hostile words lies n assumptions. Instead of healing n finding path tolight he she it spews pure green jalousy specifically toward me. Madame Karma, i beg u to please rule over this sad person. I dont wish for more evil n harm, but f thats ur ruling ill accept it. I wish for a small taste of his her it own medicine that he she it spews forth here n everywhere. Often it wakes such people up. At least this is my hope. Madama Karma, i feel sorry for him her it, i shouldnt bc he she it has caused me nothing but hurt n grief. I wish 4 them to learn n wise up n stop this path of evil negativity. Consequences for actions made both past present n what will come.

    Madame Karma, beg for ur interference, i beg for ur wisdom, i beg for ur help. Madame Karma, I TRUST IN UR JUDGEMENTS.



  • Charmed,

    There seemed to have been something ugly going on toward you &/or others, I didn't scroll through everything to get the whole story; however, no one deserves disrespect who are offering their gifts so generously! I started a topic in March about this very thing.

    LIke I said I don't know what happened but I AM SO SORRY someone was ugly toward you or any of the other gifted people here. I'm grateful for all that have given me insight or words of encouragement & you have been very generous - my daughter really liked your Post-Valentine's on 2/15/11.

    I've learned a lot here & I'm still learning yet more than anything I'm GRATEFUL this place exists for some of us lost individuals that are trying to find answers.

    THANK YOU for all you do & know there are many GRATEFUL people here who APPRECIATE all the good that is done here by you & many others.

    Love & Blessings from Texas!!!

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