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  • Hi all,

    I was hoping for some astrological advice regarding a romantic situation. I have been in an on/off dating and sexual relationship with a cancer male since March 2011. The first few weeks were heavenly. All was running smoothly until I visited him at his home. We went for dinner and then went back to his place to watch a movie. All of a sudden he decided to suddenly predict the outcome of our relationship, suggesting that we would sleep with each other a few times and then he would pull away as that has been the nature of his experiences over the last few years. I was offended and left his place without contacting him. When I finally got in touch two days later, I think I offended him as he removed me from Facebook and Blackberry Messenger.

    I kept thinking of him and decided to randomly contact him on drunken night (happened to be a full moon in Libra). We slept together for the first time and our dating continued. A few weeks later he did a similar thing to what he did weeks into our getting to know each other. We planned to have lunch with an old friend of his who knew his long term ex girlfriend. The friend apparently let him down at the last minute and he went into a sulk. Initially he suggested me visiting him at his home or us going for a walk instead. Which I agreed to, then he called and cancelled saying he was too upset and wanted to be alone. I felt equally upset as his friend had supposedly made him feel and made a point of letting him know. He said he wanted to make it up to me by taking me away the following weekend. I declined. Then over the following week, he seemed more and more distant. Returning my texts hours or days later. I felt rejected again. Then he said he didn't want a girlfriend as he afraid of falling in love, blaming it on his past relationship. He suggested we still be friends and date. I said this was not possible for me to do as we had started having a sexual relationship.

    We stayed in touch and almost ended up in bed again. Days after he sent some picture text messages to me and suggested that we and one of my good friends girlfriends had a sexual encounter. I asked if this was a joke, he responded yes. But stupidly carried the conversation on the following day and asked via text if he fancied my mate. He said yes, I fancy you too, I'm a horny guy.I flipped and told him I didn't want anything more to do with him.

    I still think of him everyday and contacted him two days ago asking to meet next week for a chat as I am not sure whether he was out to wind me up.

    What do you guys make of this? Am I fooling myself? Is this typical cancerian behaviour?

    Im a Libra with a Virgo Moon

    He is a Cancer with either Capricorn or Aquarius Moon


  • 198libra, whatever this guy's sign is, he is an emotionally unstable precious darling/spoiled brat. Do yourself a favour and find somebody with a little more emotional integrity and plain decency. No, this is not a typical cancerian behaviour, this is a typical jerkian behaviour. 🙂

  • Wow, exactly what VoplySoply said ,,, regardless of his sign. U are attracted to the situation because you dont want to feel rejected. This guy is emotionally immature and unstable. He is not ready to settle down with anyone and especially you but he will definetly continue to play his mind/sex games as long as you let him and you will continue to be hurt. Please do your self a favor and forget about the "fun" and move on if you are looking for a stable long term healthy relationship... this is not the one

  • Thanks guys!

    Livingadream. You are so right! I am attracted to the situation because I don't want to feel rejected. You'll be pleased to know I have accepted it for what it is. A hopeless cause! 🙂

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