Tarot Interpretation

  • Could anyone give more insight onto what these mean?

    How you feel about yourself now: The Moon

    What you want most at this moment: The Emperor

    Your fears: The Chariot

    What is going for you: The Fool

    What is going against you: Strength

    Outcome: The Hanged Man

    Today was a very interesting day for myself. Most days, i'll try to do things on my own. Thinking I can do everything on my own. However, today I decided that I would try something new. A better way of living. The way I HOPED to live. I consulted my own inner guidance and intuition on what would be the best decisions to make and most of the times, they ended up being accurate. I hung out with a friend, whom I teaches me most of my spiritual knowledge, and we had some pretty crazy experiences. Mainly mind altering,consciousness types of things. Overall, it's been a very productive and exciting day spiritually. I feel as if I have made progress and am closer towards the enlightenment i'm seeking to achieve. Coming home, things started to die down. Past negative emotions tend to come up, old ways of thinking, stagnant energy. I tended to make some decisions without checking my intuition first and it cost me emotional disturbance. It soon passed and I am now back to just in the middle. A neutral state of being. Not really expecting anything, or am I dwelling. A sort of waiting period, I guess you could so. Something that I believe The Hanged Man represents. Just wondering what's yet to come and if I will be able to reach it.

  • My interpretation in order of cards:

    You're not seeing things clearly.

    You fear the road ahead as you have no control.

    If you become more child like and innocent, doing without thinking. Something positive may arise.

    Trying to be control is holding you back.

    Ultimately you are likely to only see what is in front of you, when there is a bigger picture. This view will entrap you!

    I'm no expert but occasionally do tarot. Does this make sense?

  • hi 82libra i was wondering if you can give me a reading?

  • Hi Carriong,

    I could try. Is there a particular question or questions you would like answered?

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