MissBeth, i have questions about Angels

  • First i thank you for taking the time to read and respond.

    My question is for MissBeth however if anyone else feels compelled to answer that is ok too.

    I talk to my Angles, the Angles and Arch Angles all the time yet i am not often consciously away of their responses and have a hard time discerning divine guidance from my own anxiety based ones. I know that we all have guardian angles that never leave us but do they hear me? I 'talk' to them mostly mentally and sometimes emotionally too if you can understand that. Sometimes it's just a mental yell 'help me'.

    Do they know what i need by just that? I've been told i have to be specific however i find when i do it's like i start trying to control the answer or the wording i use doesn't translate well into what i actually want help or healing with/on. Do they ever not help?

    I find myself confused by a lot of these thoughts on this subject yet my heart keeps wanting to just have faith and trust that they are there/here and not just listening but working even if i am not always aware of it.

    Maybe what it boils down to is what are they trying to tell me right now ? ('i've been asking for extra help lately).

    Again thank you for reading and responding.

  • I talk to the Angels and Archangels all the time. I am constantly asking for their help and I know they give it. You're right when you say, "that they are there/here and not just listening but working even if i am not always aware of it. "

    Our angels love us, freely and unconditionally, they are here to support us in our Divine life's mission, or to put it simply, what makes our hearts truly happy. While they will only ever tell us what we need to hear, it is never, repeat never, from a place of anxiety. If the message you "discern" from them makes you feel relieved, happy and at peace, then that is from them.

    The only time they won't - or rather can't - help is if it interferes with your own free will. This is probably why you've been told to be specific in asking for help. However, you're not required to be exact or too specific in the kind of help you want. In fact it helps if you leave the kind of help as open as possible. Remember, our angels know what our Divine life purpose is, they know what is right for us at all times, even when it goes against what we "think" we know is right for us. This is why they can't help, because this would be interfering with our free will.

    In essence then, when you want help with a particular thing, you need to openly invite them in and to let them help you in the best way for you. You need to let go of the thought that you "know" best. Unless it's coming from a place of intuition, we don't "know" what's best for us.

    Does that make sense?

    As for what your angels are telling you right now, you'll have to wait for Miss Beth to reply 🙂

    Love & light to you,


  • Thank You Piscean! that does make sense. They do have a perspective which sees a bit more at play then we can possibly. And you did say 'the best way for 'you' 'me' ...so i'm guessing they already know that i might be a little unnerved if they handled it the same way they did for someone else , for instance... and they do know, and i should have faith, that they know how i might react to the way they do help? Or does that tread the 'free will line?

    I mean i know they can see who we really are and they 'know' us but how deep does that knowing go? Or do they just know what they observe and work with?

    I apologize if my questions seem circular just trying to figure out how to phrase them lol.


  • Good questions!

    But why are you "unnerved if they handled it the same way they did for someone else"? They will only do what is right for you. They will never lead you to a place you do not want to go. You may think you don't want to go there, but that is your human fears and doubts resisting and putting up a fight.

    You already decided, before you were born, where you want to go in this life. Your angels are only there to love you, support you, and to help you stay on track.

  • Dear aquagirl,

    Thank you for your posting about angels. My favorite subject!

    First, know that your angels know you better than you know yourself. For not only have they been with you since birth, they also know where you are heading. Their "job" if you can think about that is to be with you and help you through your own spiritual journey in this lifetime. In order to receive their help, you simply ask them for it. Your angels want to help you all the time, yet they do require your permission. If you go about each day making decisions, and then just talk to your angels about your decisions, that isn't giving them permission to assist. Instead, just stop and say "help". I actually am more chatty than that and will say, "Here you go angels, take this (problem) and help me solve it because I haven't been able to."

    I always thank them before they solve it. And I always thank them profusely when they do. The solution may not be what YOU think it should be...but trust that your angels are providing a solution that is in your greatest good, as well as for the good of everyone involved in a particular situation.

    One of the suggestions your angels have for you is to do some shielding. You are a sensitive soul they say and attract negative energies to you...which causes you to feel tired and run down. They ask that you surround yourself, using your own personal imagery, with the divine white light of your Divine Creator, and then add another layer of purple light around that for the protection of St. Michael. A double band of color if you will. Just see it around you, surrounding you, your home, your car, your family, wherever you go or wherever you are. And ask your angels to help protect you from the harsh energies that you seem to attract. To do your part, avoid situations that could be confrontational or have anger in them, even bars and the like have that negative energy in them. Think gentleness of spirit and surround yourself in those environments. Your angels say that you will feel a tremendous release of "weight" around you. Not of burdens...but of negative energy that has been holding you down.

    Faith is absolutely essential in working with your angels because they are simply messengers of God. Whatever divine guidance is rendered, they deliver it and they help implement it. With your permission of course. One thing they don't do is read your mind. They recognize your intentions. So don't worry about how you talk to them, or how you phrase something. They hear your intent. And that is what they need to know.

    How do you know if you are hearing yourself? Easy. You put energy into your own thoughts don't you? When you are reading these words right now, you are hearing your own mind repeat them silently in your head. Or outloud if you are reading outloud! But stop reading. And listen. What do you hear? Silence. Because you stopped creating the thought, you stopped putting the energy into it. In silence your angels dwell. For when you quiet your own thoughts, that gives them room to enter and give you their guidance. Meditation may work for you to help quiet the noise you hear. Your angels say crystals are also something you may want to look into because they help provide positive energy in your environment.

    I don't have a forum here to give long readings, but they do have one more parting thought for you. Your life purpose...in case you wondered what it is lol...is to be a counselor...a spiritual one. In your own right. People listen to you your angels say. Just as I'm sharing this with you today...you can share this with others...why they are here. But first, your angels say, to practice on quieting your own mind to glean spiritual truths for yourself.

    I hope I answered some of your questions, and I send you angel blessings,

    Miss Beth

  • Thank you so much Miss Beth! You have helped me a bit and yes i do have a problem shielding and i guess the angles know that and that i am sometimes embarrassed to ask them to help me with that and other things.

    Also it's funny you bring my St. Michael/Arch Angle Michael, he is usually the first one i go to. I figure if it isn't in his department he can delegate but for some reason i trust him or rather have a more trusting feeling for him. He's the first one i usually yelp for help to. Sometimes i am afraid that i bother him to much even though i do know he can be with everyone at once if need be, and that 'nothing is to small', to help with.

    I like what they have to say about why i'm here, that is pretty neat. It's true people do listen to me in a certain way. And i draw a very interesting circle of friends which i'm pretty sure we are all helping each other in different ways.

    I will say i have had a couple of very unusual signs lately, signs from animals. I tend to notice and connect to animals sometimes more easily; i am wondering if they are part of the message that i am finally starting to learning to understand.

    Also any time the angles would help me win a lot of money from the lottery lol wouldn't mind that as a positive sign either hehe.

    Thank you Miss Beth and Piscean for helping me to sort though some thoughts and provide some insight. It is very much appreciated.

    With lots of love and light, my thanks to you!

  • You're welcome aquagirlleorising. If there's anything you want to know about animal medicine just ask 🙂

  • Dear Aqua,

    Animals have angels just as you do. And your connection to them is also a natural gift of yours which is definitely connected to a life purpose as well. When something is "easy" for you, and you enjoy it...try to step back and see how you can benefit the many by using your talents. Those are what life purposes are made of as well. Pets need counselors (assisting in behavioral issues, explaining to owners what is going on) just as much as us people do!

    Angel blessings to you!

    Miss Beth

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