Life path reading please?

  • I'm looking for some insight on my life path. I'm not sure what it's meant to be or what my talents are, nothing ever seems to fit. Any hints or advice from either your angels and guides or mine would be great.

    Thank you,


  • Can you give us something with which to tune into your vibes, like your birthdate or a photo?

  • My birthday is December 6 1988

  • Nikki, you are here to release your fear of what you can't control and overcome your propensity to seek emotional security in the small details and routines of everyday life. No matter how practical or down-to-earth you may be or even if you embrace little or no spiritual or religious belief system, it is your destiny to strive towards the higher realms of consciousness. At such a point you can then share your unique thinking and understanding with the world. Practical and useful application of spiritual knowledge will come easily to you, yet you will have to work extremely hard to overcome your feelings of inferiority and insecurity if you are to function at your most effective level. Gifted with great intelligence and originality, you will doubtless specialize in finding new approaches to old problems or putting an entirely differnet spin on information that others take for granted. Cultivating greater objectivity and learning to temper any resentment of other peoples' demands of you will be especially useful, as will the ability to release your fears of being rejected or misunderstood. You will work out your destiny within a relatively secure and manageable context as long as you don't become overly dependent on those you trust and love.

    You have the potential to make great progress on your lifepath, especially when you display your gifts of practicality, sprituality and devotion in a technical, scientific or research-oriented environment. You do need your own private office or space since you work well alone and enjoy projects that involve discovering and carrying out a vision where the work is done in private (such as research or library/ computer work). You would make a fantastic craftsperson, performer, artist, or musician - bringing your private dream to others. You would be a great promoter or agent, since you are so good at 'behind the scenes' activities. You also have an inherent gift for noticing pertinent details and analysing the significance of information, and combined with your innate practicality, this can help you to manifest your dreams. You have a powerful mind, often bordering on genius, and you can use it to create wealth through service, to step forward in positions of benign leadership and authority in your family, community or for example in areas of industry or politics. You would make an excellent inventor, innovator, or writer - you excel in any field in which a brililant and curious mind has free rein. Even if you work in a regular job, you need to allow yourself ample time for solitude and reflection. Career crises are not uncommon for those with your lifepath. At some point, you may be forced to confront your assumptions about the nature of fame, wealth and power. Scaling back or even discarding your ambitions may be necessary for your continued spiritual growth. Your physical and mental health will demand privacy sooner or later. If you work all the time, you will dry up and the career you think is so important will crumble and blow away likes leaves in autumn. Eventually a balance will be reached between the satisfaction of your material and spiritual needs. The time will come when you let go of your ferocious hold on rationalism and allow yourself to bathe in the current of emotional support you were once so afraid would engulf you and drown you. That's when you'll really start to forgive those in your past who have ignored or censured you. You will no longer fear the stereotypical female role of nurturing and feeding others. You will have evolved past the 'angry rebel' stage and you will no longer be reacting to a system you felt never gives anyone a break. You'll always be a 'public servant' type of person but you'll also be a whole person with a rich private life as well. Many with your profile become philanthropists, sharing their wealth and influence in the service of a humanitarian cause. Money will be one of the central themes of your life. Most commonly, people with your profile pull themselves up by their own bootstraps; among them are many self-made millionaires.

    Participating in study and discussion groups or forward thinking courses is most beneficial for you because they will keep your mind open to new ideas and concepts. Examining doctrines, weeding through theories, and discarding useless concepts while integrating others are all necessary on an ongoing basis if you are to distill and perfect your hard-won vision or beliefs. Since mental orientation is so critical for you, it's important that you receive some form of guidance early in life on how to expand your worldview or think along more theoretical or creative paths. There is the potential however to overreach or even be led astray by false doctrines, overly ambitious teachers, or illusory experiences unless you employ discrimination. If you seek a full-blown religious or spiritual experience, you may have to remember to engage your pragmatism and healthy propensity for doubt. Don't believe everything you hear, in other words, unless you feel it deep in your gut to be true. However, this lifepath is usually experienced in a highly personal or more solitary fashion, and sometimes this process requires a period of retreat or reflection to gather ideas, followed by a return to everyday life with an understanding of higher concepts in tow. Joining formal religious or spiritual groups may occur, even with good results, but usually such organizations serve only a temporary purpose for you.

    What you really want is to be right all the time and to be perfect in the sense that you - and everyone else - is following 'the plan' 100 percent of the time. But you want everyone to be in total perfect alignment with this plan that YOU think is right. Your compulsive need for order means your survival depends on everything being in order according to your view of how life ought to be and how others ought to behave. This can lead you into a neverending search for perfection, but nothing and no one on this planet can ever be in a static state of perfect order enough for you to feel secure. Your expectations can lead to continual tension and anxiety, because you are waiting for the right perfect moment to act - which never arrives - and you continually try to control life, and postpone trust and joy. The only place you can create perfect order is within yourself, by trusting that the Universe's plan is better than yours and that things ARE unfolding properly, regardless of how it seems.

    The best friends or mates for you are like-minded others who strive for a broader or more spiritual experience in life. What is best for you is the steady love and support of a few close associates with strong boundaries who will not be dependent or needy. You must be free to experiment and to soar in the rarified atmosphere of your highly personal visionary experience. In return, your associates will have a devoted and generous friend or mate in you, who will provide them with a whole new way of seeing things. Many people with your particular profile have difficulty sustaining long-term relationships until they are thirty or forty years old - before that time, you tend to fall into power struggles. You may experience subtle or not so subtle control issues in your relationships as well as issues concerning dependence and independence. You can be extremely attentive and enjoyable to be with. When you begin working your powerful energies in the positive and overcome emotional sensitivity and self-doubt to gain more confidence, you will be able to sustain happy, passionate, mutually supportive relationships.

    Good luck to you, I hope this helps!

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