Anyone know where Blmoon is?

  • Hi there everyone,

    Most of you know that Blmoon and I have been talking for along time. She has been my rock in the storms that have been my life for a while now.

    I miss her and was wondering if anyone knows where she went.

  • Hi Nancyeann,

    She is also one of the advisors I rely on the most and I too am wondering where she went. I'm sure that she is okay, though, because if she wasn't I'm sure that the other advisors close to her would have picked up on it. Sometimes life just gets too crazy! Hang in there with me. 🙂


  • I feel its her time to recharge her energies,

    i hope and pray you are safe Blmoon...May all your Angels be keeping you safe,loved,peaceful and continuing to heal

    Namaste Blmoon


    aka shatz

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