I need 3 clients that have initiated in a new relationship for divination

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  • Oh hense the hidden knowledge, secret relationship..or desire...High priestess...even unkown within self....hidden desire .....that passivity that cames witht the high priestess....

  • Hi Rapunzle444

    I wanted to thank you and give you some feedback on the tarot reading you did for me. I believe it was a previous reading for 3 people. The problem is I can't find it anywhere. I didn't get a chance to really study it , but I did enjoy it. Why do some forums just disappear for no reason?

  • Thanks Rapunzle! Yes, that was very helpful. I have two questions if you don't mind? When you described "the cause" , the card of femininity and higher power card...was that the Empress card?

    Also, you pulled the hanged man (i think reversed?) as "clarity". Would you say my interpretation of what you had to say "Being uncertain about our difference in age but going with the flow?" 'is about right?

    Also, you asked how we met? I met him on a dating site! I saw his profile and I contacted him (I submitted? 6 of cups?) because I thought what he had to write was so witty yet modest and very real. When we met, I was nervous that I would feel out of my element with him but he was really down to earth and put me at ease. it was very natural and I knew within minutes that I wanted to see him more and apparantly the feeling was mutual. So, yes. He was definitely acting as the King of Cups when we met as you describe it! Very cool!

    I'm still learning tarot and your reading not only helps clarify my new relationship but also is helping me to learn more about tarot interpretations. I didn't know the 6 of cups was a card of submission (among other things) and also you helped clarify who the King of Cups is for me. I've tried doing readings for him (my new man) before and the King of Cups would always show up as well as the Emporer AND Empress! I told him i thought the Emporer represented him but he thought he was more of the King of Cups! That makes me laugh because he's never studied tarot but instinctively related to that card. Tarot is amazing.

    Thank you on all counts!

    Thanks again!!!

  • Ruby Red- you reading is in; Testing a spread...need three relationship questions please May 15 2011 go to the top where it says show me....click topics i have participated in.

  • H i ! Regarding my situation Ive been involved with someone for 6 months.

  • OK....That was posted on another account didnt know sorry but it is me.

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  • situation and you know your desire......

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  • xxCarmelaxx

    H i ! Regarding my situation Ive been involved with someone for 6 months.

    Ok Carmela, I will get to work on this......

  • xxCarmelaxx

    Who- something about the person; Discovers possibilities within himself and in the world. Positive attitude in life. Has a tendency to overlook the details.

    2 Coins- could be fall...or time in demeanor of; "playfull discovery"

    Where; social forum or event but on a social leisure account....more serious towards focus on emotional and relationship matters..this must be in an arena of a focus on attaining a partner


    what helped cause the union to manifest; emotional rebirth, moving on to new things.....setting free...entering into uncharted areas...8 cups

    Why ; sensual enjoyment and potential, grace and dignity Q Coins

    How; acts of giving oneslef as a gift, both giving and recieving or one with the proposal and when accepting........a sense that the event will have a positive turnout. new environment new encounterment.

    6 cups

    Clarity; Empress-higher power card here.....love and creative force. one involved loves life and love....Abundance of nature, Expansion and broadening horizons.......

  • Hi, are you still looking for people? I'm very new to all of this.

    I've also posted a thread for help with a reading I did for myself last night, would love it if you could havea look at it for me?

    Thanks so much!

    (Hopefully I've done this right, I don't know the correct etiquette with these forums yet!)


  • Ok, ettiquette...considerate of the poster and the objective. The objective is to apply a specific tarot lay out to questioners with a fairly new to new started relationship. The layout is above on the first thread. I asked for three I have three but since you are new here I will and would like to welcome you with a complimentary reading via the objective on this post.

  • I'm sorry I've only just seen your reply, I'm not very good at managing these forums still! I have posted my concern in your other thread as per your instructions. In terms of a reading what do you need to know from me? We met in April and he is currently working abroad (Iraq) in close protection security and will not be back until late June. He has previously promised the world but I've found it hard to trust him. He seems increasingly distant.

    Hope this helps test it for you xxx

  • ligem you posted on my other thread. You asked for an interpretation of your spread which was not the objective along with the maxed out number that I was willing take. I still interpreted it on the other thread. Did you read the lay out anyways ont his thread. I am not sure if you are implying for a reading via this spreads objective.You already told me the start up of the relationship so it would be pointless to do a reading on this thread.

    I was in the military once myself. Many military men a emotionally dependent. They need people arounf them all the time. thats why they join. They adhere to the typical flight of fancy. 75% of the men I have doen healing work with have been military men. Most of them end upo on craigslist the very first night they do not have a woman to go home to. It may seem all great a man in uniform but no uniform makes anyone a man. Be carefull.

  • Thanks x

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