Hey Shuabby, is this who you spoke of?

  • Dear Shuabby,

    You gave me a brief reading a few weeks ago, telling me that Andrew saw me as a girl and not as a woman but that he'd soon notice yet it'd be too late because there'd be another young man who'd radiate to me as if to "honey." You said you felt him near.

    Is this the one? His name is Nicholas, his middle name is James, and his birthday is October 6th, 1992. I've always known him yet been somewhat distant. Not knowing him too well. Yet suddenly, the other day, we connected and he seemed to really want to spend time chatting with me about my views. He asked me to spend time with him. Is this the one you had spoken of? I had always known him, yet he was always distant so it's like he did come into my life suddenly in a more emotional and less literal sense. Just wondering... I'm staying on the lookout for this person you speak of and like to follow up with psychics if it seems that their readings might be about to manifest.



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