Gemini Female Really Needing Help With Taurus Male!!!

  • This is going to be long, so please bear with me!

    ME: Sun in Gemini, Moon in Pisces, Mercury Gemini, Venus in Taurus, Ascendant Leo, Second House Virgo, Third House Libra, Fourth House Scorpio, Fifth Sag, Sixth Capricorn, 7th Aquarius, 8th Pisces, 9th Aries,10th Taurus, 11th Gemini, 12th Cancer.

    Him: Sun in Taurus, Moon in Pisces, Mercury Taurus, Venus in Gemini, Ascendant Scorpio, Second House Sag, Third House Capricorn, Fourth House Aquarius, Fifth Pisces, Sixth Aries, 7th Taurus, 8th Gemini, 9th Cancer,10th Leo, 11th Virgo, 12th Libra.

    A little background history... Just in case it's me and not him! Because that is a strong possibility in this Gemini!

    I was in a relationship for 7 years. My partner was 12 years older than me, we live together for 5 years. Leo, ummm loved him to death! Okay, anyways. We seperated after lots and lots of trying to get away. It was smoothed because took the breakup slow, really slow, removing one thing at a time until we just kind of got over the very strong attachment.

    I have been dating other people for about 7 month's. Everyone I meet didn't seem to click with me and personality. Then, I meet this one guy. Absouletly fell in love! He was perfect for me, but he moved back to his home town and he did not want a long distance relationship. He absouletly broke my heart. So, then I meet my current Taurus Guy. It was about a week after the other fellow just stopped calling and stopped answering for me.

    I was seeing my guy around work. He is very attractive, dressed really nice all the time, and walked with this confidence that is editable! I kept trying to cacth his eye, but never seem to could. One day I was in the breakroom flirting, of course, with another male co-worker who was standing on my left side, and I was facing straight in my chair. He was standing and I was sitting. So, my taurus guy walks and stands right in front of me, folds his arms, and just stares right into my eyes with this intensity like I have never experienced. The other gentleman was rambling on, but it felt as though we were the only ones in the room. Now, I've had a crush on the other fellow since God's knows when. We've always emailed and flirted, but he had never asked for my number or anything. Well, the guy was steadily talking and he broke up our stare buy involving my Taurus man in the conversation. He tap him on the arm and said, " do you see this man? She is hiding her phone under the table from me! She is a big player" and my Taurus man laughed smoothly and said, " yeah, I could see how... she is beautiful" He never took his eyes off me once! I got up from the table blushing and ran off! My other guy still talking, but I heard nothing he said from that point on.

    So. my taurus guy started using the restroom on my side of the building everday. Yes, he walked way to the otherside of the office building, just to use the bathroom. LOL! He stopped and talked occassionally. Small talk, and I would completely ignore him. One day my friend girl who sits next to me, stopped him and asked what does he do for fun? & where is he from? We live in small towns, so we knew he was not from the area. He replied, he doesn't know anyone here and we do not have the type of attractions he has in his home town. So, my friend girl said, guess what? My friend sitting right there, lives here and doesn't come out the house, do you think you would want to explore with her? He looked up at me and said, " sure I would be honored to explore anything with her!" He stepped over and asked would I like his number.

    The first date, the same night was horrible. He talked about his ex, which sounded very high maintience, and I am not. I am a country girl. Down to earth, I dress modestly, I wear very little make up, my hair is cut in a short little style around my ears, I do not wear heels during the week- only on Sunday's for church LOL!. So, he decribes her and all of his other ex's and my insecurites flooded me rapidly! I was very uninterested in his conversation or him from that point on in the date. I didn't even order any food. I told him I needed to leave, so he walked me to my truck. He opened all my doors and thanked me. When I made it home, he called and chatted for a few minutes. The conversation was very awkward, and there is no one on earth I cannot chat it up with.

    So, two days go by with no contact and I was happy. What a relief, that was a nightmare! Well, just when I thought it was over, he called and asked for another date. We went to my favorite restuarant which I had mention to him, but didn't think he caught that. It was great to see he paid attention. At first we were both acting reserved and nervous. Then, the waiter did something rude and we thought it was hallrious. This broke the ice and the date went great. Afterwards, we sat outside until all the worker's had gone and the parking lot was vacant. Just us, laughing and looking into one another's eyes. We both agreed that we told ourselves that if the second date did not work, we were not going to try again. We laughed about that.

    So, now five month's later we are here. The relationship progressed really quickly. From that day forward we hung out together everyday. It was not one day he did not want to spend time with me. I was not use to this at all, but I was excited, it was nice to have someone so interested in me. After two weeks he said he loved me. I was upset and said, "you don't even know me" remember I was in a long term relationship, and really didn't understand true love until around the end. When things were hard, but we kept trying because of love. He told me I didn't have to say it back, he just wanted to let me know. I am 24 he is 30. I thought maybe he just wanted to have sex with me, expecially since he approached the table that day, in that manner, and stared at me with bedroom eyes as another man flirted with me.

    So, after those words he was really intense. We worked out everyday. He was very touchy and wanted to kiss all the time. I was really discouraged, I was not use to that. He asked me where I stood with my feeling one night after the gym. I told him, that I thought he just wanted sex and I needed more time. He cursed me to hell and back and told me to NEVER talk to him again. I was distraught. He didn't call or speak to me for four days. He called, never apologized for talking to me in that manner, but he did confess his love for me and his desire for us to be together.

    After that he was being really aggressive about having sex with me. We would argue everyday. Then, I broke it off with him. Then, I called him right back and apologized. He stayed over to my place, but no sex. He was angry! The next night I called him over and gave in. From that point on he was distant, he was not talking about marriage and kids anymore. I was hurt. He backed up toatally. Of course this caused more problems. He changed his great eating habits, stopped working out, and stopped talking. We broke up agian for a about three days, and I begged and pleaded for him to come back. I would show him the affection he needed.... This and that. He came back, but still not like in the before.

    His birthday came and I brought him a cake, some really nice cologone, and bought and expensive dinner. We went home and had a wonderful time. Then, another feaking arugument. He rushed me into feeling deeply for him. He did not allow me to do it at my own pace. Now I am here, and he expects me to wait until he's happy agian. Of course, I feel like he just wanted to have sex with me deep down inside. I feel he tricked me basically, but everytime I feel like that, he does all the little things to let me know he really does care about me.

    I am so confused, because everything was going great. He wanted to plan a trip for my birthday, but my finances are not there. So, he still plans to leave for a week without me, a day before my birthday. I would think with all the trouble we are having, he would stay and be with me. Well, he's not, and I expressed my concern, and of course he's not budging. So, I am kind of over it. He's going and I want to be with him, so I am hoping I don't have a grudge when he comes back.

    I have been feeling like he is talking to his ex in his hometown because the calls are not coming when they should, his phone is now always on silent, he is not responding emotionally to me, he can never come straight to the door to open it for me when I come over, and he knows I am on my way there. Just a lot of little things are not adding up.

    He says he is bringing his things down, so he can be with me. He is deciding to live here for me, which he was only here because his mom was going to treatment and she is done now, and he is kind of free to leave. But I have been telling him all these wonderful things, sweet, emotional things. I never let anyone get this close to me. Even in that long relationship. I put it all out there, but he is not responding the way I expect him to. Should I trust him? trust he wants to be with me? trust he still loves me? I feel like I am totally insane right now because even while he is pushing me a way emotionally, he is still doing things that men only do if they care for you. He holds me for hours, he rubs my hair, he holds my hands, he kisses me on my forehead, he massages my body naked and then don't have sex with me. Just holds me, I fall asleep in his big wide chest instantly. He is protective of me, he is very dominate and I love it. He just calls out orders, "get your hands out your mouth" "stop complaining Kell". It's so nice. So what do you think really? Does he really Love me, or am I just good for the moment?

  • Oh and I forgot to mention. Every argument is my fault, which we argue everyday almost. He will never accept blame for anything. I write him these long lovely messages, explaining what I want, what I love about him, how I feel, and so on. He will take one little part that he can make something negative out of, and ramble on about it, without even touching on all the good things I've said. He will only respond, if he is not angry, with I love you too. If I ask a question he doesn't want to answer, he will just ignore it. If I am not doing something he likes in bed, he will just stop and turn the tv on sports. No explanation as to why or anything. I will get up and leave, he will escort me to the door, make sure I get in my car, and close the door. Then, call me and ask if I made it home, I will reply yes, he will say okay goodnight, and disconnect. He will not talk about the problem, and act as if nothing ever happened the next day. Our sex styles are very different, he gets angry with me, but I keep telling him to tell me what he needs, he will not tell me, and get really upset that I asked. He expects me to know everything in this short period of time. I have never had this happen with anyone I've meet. Then, I make comments trying to get him to acknowledge that I am his type, he will not! He will just ignore me! He has not said it once, which if I am having to ask, I know the answer. Man this is hard and I am very confused! Help Me Please Before I Lose The Little Mind I Have Left!

  • I don't know if it is too late to answer you but I hope this helps. I am Gemini Sun, Venus in Taurus and the guy I liked was Taurus Sun, Venus in Gemini. We had a instant connection that seemed so real. He was relentless in pursuing me and eventually I broke down as our friendship grew and let him in all the way. Then the tables turned and I felt myself becoming the persuer and he became the prey. I think the Venus in Gemini aspect in him made him enjoy the game more than the reality of having a really wonderful relationship. I feel for you because I felt so confused half the time and it caused a lot of pain. I think you need to back off and let this man figure himself out. I don't think they know the intensity of us when we fall in love and I think it's not precisely what they want. If you back off, you give yourself some time to reflect on how he treated you and realize that not only are you worth more but he isn't worth all the headache. Easy for me to say, I know, because I have moved past him. In my deepest heart I wonder if he will come back because I ended it and he is very proud. So I have my moments too when I miss him and miss what we had so I try to be very strong and just keep turning those thoughts away when they cross my mind. Those types of men are like sand in your hand and really, I don't want that type of man in my life. I hope it works out for you but know that I felt how you felt and it is the worst!! But you can get past it with a little willpower and recognizing that he would be LUCKY to have you in his life. Let me know how it turns out. Sending you powerful vibes of strength and calm in this storm. Your Gemini sister.

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