It sounds good.

  • It sounds good and politically and emotionally correct to say to someone, once their out of a relationship that "you're going to find someone, more worthy of you". It sounds good, but it sure doesn't feel good, when you're in the process of the hurt..loneliness, pain, deseperation, wandering am I too old now to find love in my life? What does life have for me? knowing that I'm about to enter in the second stage of my life? This isn't the first for me to be lonely, I have been married and divorced. So another failed relationship. I now have grown children..almost 21yr old who is thinking about moving out. A 17 yr old who will be going off to college. Well, that just leaves me all by myself...So it certainly doesn't feel good to hear that I'll find someone else, when I thought I found them.....

  • If you have the expectation of failure, then you certainly will fail. You cannot base your future happiness on what you have experienced in the past because each day that passes you are a slightly different person. If you are lonely for a relationship, it is because your relationship with yourself is not strong. Why would you think you are too old for love - do you think there is a cut-off date for emotions or happiness? While you still have breath in your body, you can love people and enjoy life.

    You will get back as much as the effort you put in to finding love. You don't expect it just to arrive on your doorstep by itself, do you? Get out there and mingle and put the past behind you. What you have really lost is your self-confidence in your ability to attract love. Anyone can look attractive if they take the time and effort. But inner confidence only comes from doing what you fear.

  • Hi Sweetcaramel, If your referring to the posts that incites were given to you from me and someone else, i will repost it again here..If your looking for someone to say yes, go for it hes a nice a guy and you will live happily ever after, seer's readers do not use their gifts to fluff their readings to make you happy, they do it out of compassion and what spirit tells them, some times the truth hurts, but its away for you to gain some wisdom for and light

    Welcome I see that your are new to tarot...I don't believe any relationship to start will be doomed.Of course its not your fault to want to make a relationship work, Never mind someone cheating on you, relationships are hard to begin with. My opinion is that I think J was sort of honored that he had caught your heart seeing how you had been celibate for 4 years(sp) mistake possible hehe. You probably thought this was the one and you really wanted to make it work, but lessons had to be learned,just don't give up on love because of a fool that couldn't keep his hands to only one woman...You were probably also lonely, it was a long time to be out of the dating scene, so hang in there and try to heal your heart...You will find someone who will value you for you. Plus I'm sure you have grown allot while being on your own.

    Take care

    I also spotted you on another thread I hope you will be able to join us on this upcoming Sunday.

    Love and Light


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