The Way of the Truth

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    Each lifetime is a search for truth and connection, of re-establishing ourselves within the energy of our divine aspects where we are powerful, loved, secure, supported, and happy. We try to create all of these things as the truth of our lives and it takes many lifetimes before we realize that there is a fundamental truth we have always known but have never accepted, that we already have everything we seek and we already are everything we hope to become. The truth we seek is always in front of us but we cannot see it for a number of reasons, most importantly because we look for the truth in places where we will never find it. And when we stop looking for the truth it appears before us.

    There are many levels of truth, just as there are many levels of energy. The truth we want to know is that we are powerful, blessed and loved, so we begin our journey of healing to release everything that blocks us from embodying it. We look for this truth in every situation not realizing that the material world will reflect whatever energy we inject into it because it doesn’t contain its own truth and will never be more to us than we already think and believe we are. The people in our soul groups have no truth for us other than what they know as their truth because each person lives within their own vibration of what they know as the truth, based on what they have experienced in and of the world.

    The foundation of truth that we seek cannot be found in the world because it doesn’t exist unless we create it. The material world will always reflect the truth of the individual and collective energy that creates it and without the application of a higher truth, based in spirit, is incapable of giving us more than what we want and being more than we think we are capable of. If we want to know the truth, we must create it because we are the source of our own truth. What is true for each of us becomes our truth and part of the world’s truth. In simpler terms, the truth that we are worthy of love, success and joy already exists in spirit and manifests in the material world when it is the truth that we totally believe about ourselves. The truth that we do not deserve love, success and joy also becomes true because we believe it and it won’t change until we change our aspect of truth.

    When we try to impose our truth on someone else, or make them responsible for making our truth ‘true’, we are on the path of unfulfilled expectations. When we want love, for example, we tell ourselves that we deserve love, and we do. But when we take this truth “I deserve love” and then look to others to make it true, “I deserve love from you” we are doing two things, approaching our desire for truth from the point of doubt (if we know that we deserve love we don’t need anyone’s validation) and we are making the fulfillment of our truth someone else’s responsibility. Everyone has their own version of truth and if our version is in conflict with theirs or demands something from them that they do not want to or cannot give, then they will respond to the conflict and block us from finding the fulfillment of our truth with them.

    There are two ways to approach truth, from the point of knowing or the point of doubt. When we are at the point of knowing we don’t need anyone to validate our truth. We know it’s true and that our truth is being fulfilled in each moment, even if we don’t always see the results right away. But when we have doubt, we create a truth that reflects our doubts and then everything in our life strives to make it true. We think that the world is our biggest enemy and works against us, doesn’t allow for the fulfillment of our dreams and puts challenges and blocks in our way at every turn. But the world doesn’t do anything but make our truth, and all of the energy we have behind it, true. The energy of the world is non-judgmental so whatever we say is true, it just replies with a powerful ‘yes’.

    When we approach the truth from the answer, which always begins with I AM, we see it reflected everywhere. But when we approach it from the question, AM I? we see that reflected everywhere as well. And this is how we have our truth validated or challenged, depending on whether we see ourselves as the question or the answer. If we approach the world with the question, the world’s answer simply reflects our question. If we approach the world with the answer, the world then shifts its energy so it becomes our answer. And there is a greater difference, as saying “I AM” sets our intention for manifestation. “AM I?” asks for permission, which we will not get because we do not need it.

    Knowing expands energy while doubting contracts it and energy can never become more than our intention for it. That is why approaching the path of truth as a question will never yield the answer that validates us and ensures us that we can become or manifest that truth. A question will never become more than the question. The answer, however, because it sets the foundation for the truth we want to become our reality, will create the validation we want. The challenge for us is to have the courage to know the answer before we receive the validation – we must know that we are the highest truth before the world will validate the truth for us.

    Can we do that? Can we know, without doubt, that we are already everything we want to be and that by knowing we will receive the answers we want? It is what we must do if our journey for truth will result in expansion instead of contraction and we are become the highest expression of our I AM potential and live in our own version of heaven on earth, knowing that we are co-creators, masters of our life path and divine expressions of Creator on earth.

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