Tarot mnemonic stories, need feedback

  • Hi everybody, I'm new here. I'm fascinated by using Tarot cards to contact my own deep self, I suppose this is my main motivation, aside from having fun of course 🙂

    I've been playing with Tarot for months but all the knowledge I acquired seemed somehow incomplete and out of context. So I came up with this idea and wrote a short story for major arcana and for each of the four suits. I added some "aha!" moments of my learning and thus produced a short but hopefully interesting booklet. I can tell you that now I get much more fun from my readings, don't need to "look up" anything and readings themselves feel more "right", so this definitely works (at least for me, who wrote my own stories).

    I'm hungry for any kind of feedback, so if you are curious just send message me within a week and I'll send you the booklet as PDF.

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