Help with a reading

  • Hi I did a reading for a friend of mine regarding getting back together with her ex. Im new to tarot so not quite sure how to interpret the court cards......can you help? full reading below :

    1. How is the ex's love life at present : Temperance.

    I see this as he is not interested in a relationship at present.

    2. In what way is ex thinking bout querent at present : Ace Cups

    A new start, possibly without her (see rest of reading)

    3. What does ex feel about querent at present : Page Wands

    That she is immature, young, didnt handle break up well.

    4. What kindof relationship does ex intend to keep with querent in future : High Priest

    He wants to maintain a morally correct relationship, ie no contact.

    5. Is there a potential of renewal with ex in future : Ace Wands

    Yes, but only for sex.

    6. Outcome : King Wands

    ? Im unsure

    Thanks for any insight x

  • Yes, I think i agree with your interpretation. Even if he does start a relationship, it will be based mainly on sex and will be short-lived.

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