Long-term relationship

  • how long-term can a relationship be if one partner is scorpio, moon in aquarius with mars aquarius and venus scorpio and the other partner is aquarius, moon in cancer with mars cancer and venus pisces?

  • Aquarium,

    No one can predict how long a relationship will last.

    That is contingent upon the two individuals.

    You could find out what challenges they may face, what periods may be more blissful, and when things might be a little more stressful.

    If two people make the effort to work on their differences, communicate, be truthful/honest, and couple that with unconditional love, anything is possible.

    You can determine the energy of that period, but cannot say for certain, "how long" a relationship will be.

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  • This works well as a short term love affair, but the signs are not good for marriage or the long-term. Yet when the two of you combine your energies, the results can be nothing short of miraculous. Indeed, the chemistry here is somewhat unfathomable, for you yourselves have trouble figuring out how two people with such completely different approaches to life can produce such wonderful results, especially workwise. You Aquarium don't always understand your Scorpion friend all that well, seeing him as a person who always does things the hard way. Meanwhile he is usually amazed when you do something in half the time it would have taken him. Yet he will remain a little suspicious of your methods. The two of you should not delve too deeply into such mysteries, since things often work best when their underlying mechanisms stay hidden.

    A love affair here can be highly romantic. Your friend is usually solidly in control of this relationship but, since he generally finds you thoroughly captivating and charming, he can easily be manipulated, and his dominance is not usually oppressive in the short term. Should the romance lead to marriage however, your friend may begin to find you as a spouse troublingly flighty and unable to share his own serious approach to life. But few people can take his mind off his career worries when he gets home after a hard day's work as easily as fun-loving you can. However, if you should tire of his heaviness, secrecy, and possessiveness and seek excitement elsewhere, his depression could hit an all-time low. The two of you can also be divided by ideological differences - keeping your opinions to yourselves might be a prerequisite for this relationship's peace and harmony.

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  • I was quoting from Gary Goldschneider's "The Secret Language of Relationships."

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  • If two people are willing to work together to resolve their differences, anything is possible. Awareness counts for a lot so the more you can know about yourselves and each other, the better.

  • And honest two-way communication is vital.

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