Cancers and friends

  • Growing up, I never followed horoscopes/astrology, etc

    Now that I dabble into it here and there when I am bored, I have noticed that almost all of my close friends from the past were either Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini, Leo and Virgos (both male and female)

    I do not get along with those born in the winter months (Capricorns, sags) and even aries..unfortunately my parents fall under both of these but i seem to get along with them pretty good (well better now that i dont live with them anymore ,lol )

    I know that cancer are best compatible with virgo, pisces and scorpio, so is this any coincidence in terms of friendships?

    btw i fit the cancer description to a T 🙂

  • AW I love cancers! Such shy, but strong, loyal friends 🙂 I think it depends on what a person wants. I love honesty so that I know where I stand with someone, and I love that a crab will either be or not be my friend, I'm never left guessing. 🙂 The reason you probably don't get along with unrelated winter children is because they tend to be much more of a "taker" personality than yours. They really want to get where they want to go, and some of them will compromise morals to do it, (not all!)

    The spring/summer kids are a little more playful, and let you feel relaxed bc you know what they want. Leos are loyal, so there's no fear in trusting them, generally, Gemini's are clever and witty, good for a laugh, Taurus are grounded and have much in common with you, and Scorpios tempt you to explore your adventurous side. Virgos are precise, and I can see a cancer having appreciation for them 🙂 I have a hard time with them, myself, ( I think there's some sort of competition there, even though I can't quite place it!!) Well, I'm no expert, but that is my take on things!

  • That sounds about right. I also get along with cancers quite well too (gee really?)

    summer kids are the best 😉

  • Also one more question to those in the know:

    I have not really had any serious relationships in a few years, but I also have noticed that many of the girls i've had casual flings with were either Geminis or Leos..

    Leo girls are always down to hookup but it never goes any further then that.

  • ive also had quite a few friends who were cancers as well TeeHee

  • a virgo woman would be great for you.

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