Why is it so in our society today that ........

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    Why is it so in our society today one is not on face value allowed to feel what one feels when one feels it? Being it anger, sorrow, fedupness, depression, rage, but that it has to b oh be nice b civil b sweet b kind?

    Aint we writing 2011? or r we still regard this stuck in 1950?

    Whats up with this lame yes lame idea of sweet demure nice kind behaviour?

    i say this, NO civilization in history nor now has come to what it is by being demure, nice n kind. No it has come about by allowing awknowledging the FULL fledge of emotional spectra.

    Why are society HELLBENT on boxing us in a lifestyle that was b4 its time n after OBSELETE???

    I raise this bc today i feel anger, rage, annoyance, feddupness n all who come with lame advice i wanna yell at n say eff it up ur eff. but somehow its not seen as civil. but insult.

    its a state of mind, its not personal its just a outspoken way to say hey kindly leave me alone n 4 now i dont need ur advice. Why is in heat of the emotion not permitted to say it as it is?

    we ALL go afterwards kicking effs on why didnt i just sayit as i wanted ?? why am i doing an effort to b so dang nice? UGH

    lord knows we do it to our loved ones, our partner, why cant we then to anyone else?

    Why do we permit this restraint called etiket moral ethics of 1950? i say 1950 is gone now bury it already.

    cwb on barricades!

  • Two words; political correctness.

    One of the biggest, steamiest pile of bull poop ever come up with.

  • They censored the word p o o p?

    See?! Exactly what I was saying! Political correctness. How stupid can it get? Who on Earth is going to get offended by the word p o o p? And why would it even matter???

  • EXACTLY ........................ ist as if thw world n society aint change an EFF bit since 1950. Whats up with THAT?

    talk about evolution gone BACKWARDS!


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  • Then CWB goes

  • oh plz dont,ive reported em again to admin. ugh!

  • Now now Seehorse!!! Behave...

  • Oh, crack me flat up Seahorse!!!

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