3 Aces Earth, Fire, Water.

  • I got three Aces in a Three card reading Starting with the Ace of Earth, Ace of Fire and then Ace of water. The Ace of Earh pops up in my readings frequently but this is the first time I've seen 3 of them at one time. I know this signifies something but of haven't grasped it. If there is anyone that knows what this symbolizes please feel free to elaborate. I would be very greatful to understand this mystery.

  • The Aces tend to signify beginnings. With you getting 3 of them at one time, I am inclined to say there is a major beginning or beginnings on the horizon for you.

    On a related note; Earth is to do with material items, Fire with creation and Water with emotions

  • I appreciate your wisdom and enlightenment. This is the first time that it has occured and it seemed to be very symbolic

  • Khanstileon, from another thread, you seem to know a lot about cancermen. Can I ask you some questions on a separate thread?

  • No problem feel free to ask

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