He's just like dissapeared...

  • I'm not really looking for a boyfriend, But I got speaking to someone I saw in macdonalds few weeks back haha, and they said they wanted me to be theres and blablabla, So I kept texting, but he started texting me less and less and takin much longer to reply...His mate reassured me he's not very good with girls, and he later texted me apologizing that he hadn't texted me so much, this was yesterday...then all of sudden i find out hes blocked me off facebook for no reason what so ever!, I texted him to ask why and no reply.....Can anyone give me some insight to where I've gone wrong, I would allways wait till he texted me first :S Fine if he dosen't like me...but blocking me Lol?? Helppp??

  • Another thing is....i had allready removed him on facebook because it causes arguments, then we was back on good times so a block wasn't really necessary

  • AngelGirl, maybe you texted him too much, so that he started feeling crowded? Usually when someone doesn't text you back very enthusiastically, it means he's not very interested, therefore it's time to let go of it.

  • I don't understand why he asked me to go places with him, and that he wanted me to be his girlfriend...he just cut off contact out of nowhere...im so confused 😞

  • Some people don't know themselves what they want, and suggest things "just in case", to see your reaction ( they test their power). Very often they lose interest once you respond positively and enthusiastically (or even worse too enthusiastically). Anyway, usually this kind of people are not worthy of your time and energy. Just be careful not to get addicted to "winning" the situation. Just let go. If he needs you, he'll come to you. And if he does, don't be enthusiastic, as he'll probably disappear again.

  • Hmmm I see what your saying, Well I don't think he will be back, haha but i do get what your saying cause it seems to be the people you dont bother with, seem to bother with you, and ones you try to much with just get bored.

  • Unfortunately this is often the way, especially with emotionally immature people, and there are lots of them. They often need to do the chasing in order to feel connected. Generally speaking it's a good idea not to show too much of enthusiasm at the beginning of relationship. Get to know them well first. And don't chase anyone, it's counterproductive and bad for your self esteem. The one who is truly yours will come to you, without you putting a huge effort into it.

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