Tarotred, reading please?

  • Could you please give me a reading on my friend & I ? Cheryl 9/02/68, Jesse 11/14/72. He is Scorpio and very confusing. His actions are totally different than his words.

  • Hi Cheryl, Sorry for replying so late. Was really tied up the last couple of days.

    I am sorry Cheryl but I don't think Jesse is interested in a relationship. He has already moved on, and according to him the chance of a relationship or the relationship (if you are already in one, which i doubt) is over from his end. It seems he may be interested in another woman presently or in the near future.

    Sorry for that, but this is just my view.

    Will be happy to be of any help in the future.

  • Could you tell me what u see for me & my husband? His dob 5/18/70. Alot of pain there from both sides.

  • Oh and also will J & I be able to remain friends? That was what he requested.

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